I think I had CAF withdrawl syndromes. Good to be back. :slight_smile:

My question is too all faiths. During the time you had off were you able to think about Catholicism or your own faith in a different light since participatin on CAF?

God bless,


Yes I did too!

I spent way too much time at BB.C


Hi Jon,

Im glad the forum is back but my family is not. I spent way too much time on it. The break actually gave me some time to step away and realize I do not need to spend too much time here. I did feel like I was going through withdrawals. But I conquered my addiction(I think:confused: )

I have to say(and you wont like this, because well you know Im not catholic)that being on this forum and the break has strengthened my faith in God. I did miss everyone though.:smiley:



Yes sometimes we can get too wrapped up in debate and not enough time praying. But then on the other hand researching Scripture and all getting questions answered can stregthen one’s relationship with God.

God bless,


Yes I totally agree:D I have used this forum as a bible study in the past. I actually start a bible study at church on thursday. Im excited we are going to learn the book of Daniel:thumbsup:



I HATED it. This forum is a good anchor for me, and I would rather spend my time at home debating and learning about Jesus Christ than doing other things like playing on facebook.


Remember 'Welcome Back Kotter"?

Vinnie Barbarino went stooped over saying:

“Gimme Drugs, Gimme Drugs”

Well for some of us it was similar, we walked around stooped over saying:

“Gimme CAF, Gimme CAF”


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