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Check out CAI’s new Videos on Youtube:

More to come…

Laurence Gonzaga


good stuff—thanks Laurence



You are most welcome… I have a few more presentations to add in the coming week… Stay tuned…



I cant watch anything on youtube anymore…its says to download the latest version of maromedia and i did 5 times, it still wont work. Sorry to derail, but this is getting irritating anyone have a similar problem?


That’s weird… have you un-installed and then re-installed?



hey thanks that worked very well. :smiley:


Now you must download many mp3’s from CAI in exchange for my computer assistance… :slight_smile:

Enjoy the videos



keep up the good work!

p.s Are you going to start podcasts at CAI?


Not at the moment… Havent considered it. Robert is focusing on finishing his books. He just published the Apologetics Commentary on the Apocalypse (Revelation), and is finishing Galileo Was Wrong Second Edition, The commentary on Romans and then Genesis…

I am working on converting his present assortment of audio tapes, which are legion already to begin with. When that is over, we can conider future projects like podcasts.

Please keep CAI, Robert Sungenis, the CAI staff, and all our supporters in your prayers…

God Bless,




Hi Laurence I have the latest apologetics commentary bible on revelation and will look forward to purchasing the rest in the series when they come available. I also donate monthly to your vital ministry and also keep CAI in my prayers.

I do hope you eventually get into podcasting I think its a great way of spreading the Catholic faith these days.

God bless you in all your efforts for the kingdom.

p.s Robert said he was going to do a review on James White’s scripture alone book, when he got a moment. Have you got any idea when he should be writing this? I look forward to it.


Excellent…Thy’ll be coming around soon… I am glad he is focusing on these projects more as of late (not that the other issues arent important too–perhaps that could be an interesting book too)… Before I jumped on board CAI, I stared at that page saying that Galileo Was Wrong and CASB Vol II was coming out in 2005, until it finally did in 2007… Now that it is hear, it is well worth the wait. Not sure when he will be critiquing James White’s article or book on Scripture Alone… They never debated on this issue, but I hope they will someday. I will pass on this comment to him.



here, not hear


More updates:



Would it be possible to somehow divide the videos on multiple pages? Because on weaker computers it takes too long to load the page and usually my browser crashes down. I use firefox on Ubuntu linux.


When I go to the link all I get are little boxes with red x’s in them. Nothing is available for me to watch.



You might want to visit my version of it on my blog. Our CAI webmaster did not anticipate this difficulty with some computers. I made this page for my own use, and for my friends on my blog:

Let me know if it works better for you.

God Bless,


You can try my blog:

If that doesnt work you may need to update your system to watch flash movies.

God Bless,


thanks, it works well


Ok guys…just to update:

I have made a new Catholic Apologetics International website. It is the same old address, but new format:

Check it out.

I made it simpler and used video samples for the DVD’s on sale.

God Bless,

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