Cain's Wife?

Is there an official Church teaching on where Cain’s wife came from?
While we’re at it, where did the people from Seth’s time come from?

Well, obviously their wives would have been their sisters.

And with the parents of Cain and whichever sister he married having had perfect DNA, the incest taboo would not have applied. We need to be careful not to judge their situation from the viewpoint of our 21st-century western sensitivities.

I rather doubt that the CC has any teaching on the matter. These Bible stories in GEN. are moral teachings as well as trying to have some understanding of where we came from. These were stories that were passed down from one generation to another till they were written down. They teach people something about right and wrong morals and ethic’s.

These Bible stories in GEN. are moral teachings as well as trying to have some understanding of where we came from.

As much as I agree, the Church insists that we came from 2 original parents due to the teaching of original sin and all that comes with that.

And… Genesis never states that Adam and Eve had sons and daughters again until after Seth.

The Chronology of people and the generations outlined matters-there is a point in it.

After Seth everyone could marry as many wives as he wanted. And these would be sisters, cousins, nieces etc. The earth had to be populated and we read that Cain was even married.

Cain’s wife had children.
Genesis 4:17
And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived, and brought forth Henoch: and he built a city, and called the name thereof by the name of his son Henoch.

Another consideration is that early man could live many hundreds of years and Cain’s wife could easily be his grand niece.

This question has been often asked by sceptics and agnostics. But the Bible is not a history or a scientific book. It is a book on spirituality.


You’re kidding. Isn’t that wrong? :frowning:

They were the only people on the planet.

Read post #3.

I doubt if we will ever really know the answer to that question. The truth is hidden in the ancient mists of time. Someday, with the Grace of God we may be able to find out.

In the meantime, I trust that the truth is found both in the story and in scientific thought. This ancient story has many hidden meanings and purposes.

One thing that we do know through scientific studies: we all are descendants from the same ancestors. Sometime in the distance past a woman gave birth to a child who became an ancestor to every human being on the Earth. The meaning of the birth is written in scripture. We are beloved children of God. Made in His image and likeness. How He chose to make this happen remains a mystery.

Any answer to this question needs to take into account the fact that at no point in human history were there only two humans (at least biologically human). There were millions of homo sapiens on earth as early as 10,000 BC, so Cain would have had no problem finding a wife.

If you go back far enough in our population history, there were lots of women who are the ancestors of every human being on Earth. The most recent of these is estimated to have lived a few thousand years ago. And her mother would also have been the ancestor of all humans on earth. And her grandmothers, her great grandmothers, and so on.

Hi Helen Rose: I agree with your post. I would like to add that ancient peoples did not think in the same way as we to in our day and age. What they were one a way trying to do is express an idea of how we came about; the origin of humans in which they did not know anything about science, among other things they wanted to relate concerning mans past and why there were suffering etc. as well as how cities came to be. There can I think be many interpretations about what was written there is not hard line insofar as how God made everything animals, plants and humans. We are in the image and likeness of God but does that mean what we look like or maybe our souls? No one knows or will ever know how God created as it will always be beyond our comprehension. What we can do is try to understand what the passage tell us in how we might live a better life.

  1. Read chapters 2 and 3 of “The Everlasting Man” by G. K. Chesterton.

  2. Around 100 years ago some anthropologists began making very detailed descriptions of prehistoric history. Based on part of a jawbone found near this river, they could make intelligent assumptions of the culture and government of the prehistoric folks who lived in that region. Based on part of a skull fragment and 3 teeth located in a research dig by that hill, they delineated not only the main religion of that prehistoric tribe, but analysis of their appearance, family structure, and earlier history, as well.

I am edified by your post that we now have copies of the prehistoric census data, incomplete perhaps, but showing the approximate total number of humans, maybe broken down by types of humans, preferences, etc. with some tentative conclusions that can be inferred from the data.
(end sarcasm)
Regardless of your views, I encourage anyone to read the section from G. K. Chesterton. No liberal or conservative, no academic or religious type, put the subject of “prehistory” in a better, common-sense context.

I don’t get it - are you saying the fields of archaeology and paleontology are so utterly flawed that a consensus of studies of cultures on all parts of the globe have mistakenly found there to be extant cultures on 6 continents 10,000 years ago when in fact there were none at all?

I’m sorry but I think I’ll take the opinions of actual scientists on the state of modern archeology over the opinion of an art major a century ago.

The “opinion” of actual opinionated “scientists” is just that.

Josephus states that God cast Cain together with his wife, out of the land. Does Josephus say where Cain got his wife from? No. It can only be implied. Cain’s wife was one of his many sisters. Is this bad? Is this evil?

How come no one asks where Noahs sons sons got their wives from? How come no one asks where Lot got his grand-sons from?

An earlier post said there were millions of homo sapiens on earth then.
I don’t distrust responsible scholars but those aren’t the ones who usually get boosted on the History Channel, and anyway, most of the people who promote novelties are journalists, not scholars. A journalist who wants to sell his articles will skip over 9 examples of cautious, genuine scholarly evidence, none of which will get him published, and focus on one scholar, often taking him out of context, to “prove” that A)Jesus was married to Mary Magdalen, who was a bishop; B)the Air Force is hiding alien corpses and crashed space ships; C) doctor’s new diet plan means you can eat like a pig and get skinny. D)etc.

Chesterton was a journalist, and he knew how wildly the media and some scholars could build a mountain of conjecture on an ounce of evidence. My academic experience suggests to me that any kind of name exposure, getting quoted assists an academic career.

Chesterton was heavily endorsed by skeptics such as Martin Gardner, who disagreed with his religious views, but honored his common sense and insights. Chesterton’s skepticism is sorely lacking in today’s media driven society.

Not all opinions are equal. Do you think, for example, in a court of law, the consensus opinion of 100 medical doctors should be considered equal to the opinion of an auto-mechanic when it comes to the workings of the human body?

I’m not talking about “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel, I’m talking about scholarly consensus. If you think the whole of archaeology and paleontology are comparable to conspiracy theories on the History Channel, I would suggest your perception of the matter is very misinformed.

There are some pseudepigraphcal books that say more about this matter:
Book of Jubilees
First Book of Adam and Eve (near the end?)
Second Book of Adam and Eve
All the texts can be found on link:

Please note, the above are “pseudepigraphical”. They are NOT consider as canonical books by the Roman Catholic Church (nor by any mainstream churches also, except maybe Ethiopian Orthodox Church).

So, I advise that if you are going to read them, please do so with a “pinch of salt”…

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