CAIR a Muslim group tied to various terrorist groups, with several members convicted of terrorist activities, recently had this to say:

Ahmed Bedier: “Catholic priests pose more of a terrorism threat by having sex with young altar boys then those who flew the planes into the world trade center.”

Next time you see anything from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) keep their sentiments in mind.


That guy posts his propaganda on YouTube:


Geeze. I thought that meant Care. Just a spelling thing. I was wrong!!!
Care VS/ Cair.

Now I got it. Wow. I really got that one wrong. Its so misleading yet, so intriguing at the same time.

But not Caring, that is evident. How depressing. makes me want to just stop Cairing about that group’s opinion of things.

Do they think that people dont read this stuff? :confused:

How many people think they are credible?


Probably the same number that never bothered to actually go and read their stuff… :rolleyes:


“Their” stuff is harmless looking upon a cursory glance of “their” official page.

Unfortunately, its like anything else. One must consider who is running the show.

I think its public knowledge that individuals involved in their organization have highly questionable histories.


Yeah, shouldn’t have said “their”… but I mean anyone who doesn’t know much about the organization itself.


Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Quran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” [5]-Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR).

“I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future…But I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.” [6]-Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR Spokesperson



I think y’all are barking up the wrong tree.

Sure, Islam is an easily abused religion with the questionable example of Muhammed and lack of any accountability among the clerics. But it isn’t at the heart of terrorism. Let me say that again. Islam isn’t the cause of terrorism. Neither is Israel.

Islamic terrorism exists because of oil money. STAGGERING amounts of oil money flow into the middle east every day. Ever notice how the countries receiving that wealth don’t seem to be very rich? Compare Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Which one makes more terrorists (proportionately)? How has the oil money been distributed in each? Coincidence? I think not.

The Saudis, Saddam, the Iranian mullahs and so on have one major thing in common. They hoard the oil money for themselves and their own selfish interests. The common man on the street sees little benefit from it.

Being ripped off tends to make people angry. Greedy leaders aren’t dumb, nor are they ignorant of history. So they have been deflecting that rage for 50+ years with scapegoatism. Israel makes a nice tidy scapegoat, but really they are a bit puny to function well as a reason that the rabble in Iran sees none of the oil wealth. The USA makes a much nicer boogieman. Especially because we DO commit some dumb, short sighted, unjust acts.

IMO, Islam isn’t the root of terrorism. Fascist dictators in the oil producing countries are where it comes from. How do we fix that? I dunno. I think Iraq was about trying one way to do it and sending a message that couldn’t be said out loud. You can’t publicly accuse the Saudis of causing global terror, even if it’s true (that they are part of the problem). Saddam was dumb and made himself arguably a justifiable target.

REALLY want to fight global terror? Use less oil.


So Manualman,

Wahhabist thought has no impact? Exploiting the uneducated poor with promises of virgins has no impact? Sure educated rich are muslim, but they are not lining up to stap bombs on themselves or fly into buildings are they?

Its the worker bees that do that stuff.


The wahhabists would be fringe loonies with no money to buy guns, explosives, build and operate madrasahs or run agents without oil money. The Saudis have been funding the wahhabists for years for the sole reason that funding them keeps them from targeting the SAUDI royal family (who is digustingly self-indulgent and lax in their practice of Islam.).

Islam is surely a part of it. But it is a tool being used by the real villains. It is not itself the primary villain.


Perhaps. But then, who are the real villains?



CAIR harbors criminals:


The scapegoat artists: The Saudis, Iranian mullahs, Saddam, Qadafi, Hamas/Hezbollah, PLO, Taliban, etc.

A fictional work by an Afghan exile called the Kite Runner paints an interesting picture of the Taliban. They aren’t who Americans think they are. They aren’t really interested in Islam except as a tool to gain power and to direct the attention (and rage) of the mob.

And, sadly, we Americans get remote material cooperation blame because we are the ones using/wasting the most oil.


Such statements, rather than heal and promote dialogue, does nothing but harden the positions of both sides. It is still sad that Islam, for the most part, would rather turn a blind eye on what these terrorists do than face the truth and condemn them.


I agree with Manualman that the main issue currently isn’t necessarily Islam itself. The religions structure make it easy to use but in the end their are far more ancient and typical causes at the root of all of this.

That ultimately doesn’t change the danger of the situation but it is important to make the distinction. To be honest putting the blame on Islam plays into the terrorist’s hands. As it seems to justify what they’re telling people about the evil west and Isreal wanting to destroy their faith.

I’ll be the first one to admit that Islam is flawed but if ignore the underlying issues then we’ll never see the end of this.


Yes, it is a tool used by these terrorists, but one also has to admit that these terrorists are doing their acts in the name of Islam, and Islam has not done anything to condemn them. There are a few voices who do so, but many Muslims unfortunately don’t heed them. It is time for Islam to wake up and denounce these terrorists.


I disagree. Muslims have been terrorizing non-Muslims for 14 centuries in the name of Islam. Those Muslims are obeying the teachings of Muhammad and their Muslim Allah in doing so. They didn’t hijack Islam - the terror was already in Islam through the Quran.


I don’t necessarily discount what you are saying. But as another poster pointed out, when we accept the terrorists claim that this is a war between the Islam and the christianity, they WIN. They get what they WANT: generic hatred and/or mistrust between our peoples.

As followers of Jesus, what WE need to do is live an example of what redeemed humanity looks like and encourage what IS good in Islam such that the average muslim on the street sees through the scapegoating of his corrupt leaders (which I grant you is terribly common to that religion). Not only will that be more effective at stopping terrorism, it just might convert a few of our brothers along the way!

By no means do I think we have nothing to fear from these folks. But trying to stomp out Islam as some would seem to suggest would only worsen the conflict instead of resolve it. Personally, I agree that Islam is a substantively false religion. But rather than alienating the sincere, but mistaken hordes of believers, let’s expose the evil of those who manipulate it instead.

let’s have less rhetoric about the evil of Muhammed and more about the mullahs, Bin Ladens and Saudis. But it is harder since these guys have a death grip on the economic lifeblood of our economy. How could we have let this happen!?!


manuel, notice all thos individuals and groups you named are Muslims. Islam is the problem. That is why they fight.

I assume you drive a car. Ready to give that up to save oil? Most people aren’t.

We need to let them know play time is over. If bad things happen here in the US it will come back on them. They have oil, as long as we let them have it. They need to understand the consequences for terrorism against us and that we will sustain the war until victory. Otherwise we had best learn Arabic.


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