Caitlyn Jenner, transgender advocate, to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration: Report



She is a republican as was Bruce. Showing support I guess.


Yes, there is nothing too surprising in this. AFAIK, Trump is fairly liberal with regard to gay and transgender people.


Trump is liberal in quite a few areas. His speech is most frequently opposed to a politically correct agenda - so he reaches a broad audience.


Wonder what s/he will wear…


Um, how many members of America’s LGBT community are registered Republicans?


I’d be curious to know how many members of [insert group associated with liberals, e.g., LGBT, academics, entertainment, etc] are conservative-leaning and/or Republican.

We seem to be scattered and silenced, and we’d never know if we saw each other at the workplace because our opinions are not politically correct and can land us in trouble.


I would assume many of them to be liberals as per who attends their parties and events. Ellen DeGeneres for example, received one of 20 Medals of Honor from Obama.
What is important is not who will come to the big bash on the 20th but what justices will be appointed to the Supreme Court. Trump did say that he would want someone in the mode of Scalia. It would interesting if their lifelong tenure will be truncated as well, not to mention to cease and desist legislating from the bench…


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