Cajun Navy is ready to go in


The Louisiana Cajun Navy is there in the Carolinas and they are ready to do what they do best, volunteer and help those after the storm in whatever way they can.

Also Team Rubicon, who are former military men and women who need a purpose after their military service, is over are there and ready to go in as well as soon as the storm is over to help.

I’ve just donated to both of these organizations because they don’t wait for the government they are there, they are willing and they are ready as soon as it’s safe to go in and help in any way necessary.

When Louisiana & Texas had the massive storms and flooding recently they were both a GREAT help to all and Team Rubicon still has people in Texas helping. God Bless them and all who go in to help. God bless all of these men and women who are truly “LOVING THEIR NEIGHBOR”

If anybody wants the links to their sites just private message me and I’ll be glad to give them to y’all.


The Cajun Navy certainly helped my family and neighbors when Harvey hit here last year. May God guide and protect them as they continue to help others.


AW that is GREAT to hear. It’s kind of how we do things here-----we do what needs to be done and deal with the official things after. I pray all from Cajun Navy, Team Rubicon and all who are going to the East coast from all over the country to help those there stay safe. God bless any that have been affected.


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