Cake Day - Wake Day ⚰


One year ago today was the last time the Internet Archive scanned the old CAF :cry:

CAF is dead. Long live CAF.
:cake: :coffin:


It was nice seeing the old format again. Thanks!


aww there is Don Ruggero’s name.


I miss the old CAF.


Whatever happened to Don Ruggero? Is he one who never made it over to the new format? His posts were always interesting.


he came over, but left, right after the lutherian commemoration between the Vatican and the lutherians , the 500 year commemoration. He had done a lot of work on that , and was being constantly attacked when discussing it, on several threads. I believe he was also suspended at one point!

So he left.


Oh okay. Thanks for the update. Sometimes you remember certain posters and wonder what became of them.


yes, I do too. Father David has been gone a long time too, what happened with him?


I don’t know. They seemed to disappear
around the same time. I liked his posts


I wish they would come back.


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