Cal Ripken’s mom foils carjacking attempt


Violet Ripken, the 75- year-old mother of baseball star Cal Ripken Jr., was confronted Tuesday in her hometown of Aberdeen, Md., by someone with a gun who apparently tried to take her car, authorities said. The attempt failed, she was unhurt and Aberdeen police said they took a suspect into custody…He fled after she used her key fob to activate a car alarm, police said.Washington Post


75-yr old Supermom. :smiley:


Go Mom!! Fortunately, the ACLU and radical judges will see to it that this misguided soul will soon be back at “work” again. :hug3: Rob


If mom has one more incident, I’d be thinking that mom wants some attention.


Was there a prior incident?


She was allegedly kidnapped last year.

Something fishy going on here…


Unlike her kidnapping last year, they caught this guy. If something is fishy, they’ll know soon enough.

Or are you implying the Miami Marlins are somehow involved?


No, no. It would be insulting to Mrs Ripkin to imply someone from the Flopping Fish was successful in detaining her for any period of time.


They’d never be able to get her back to their home.


Not if it had a plate on it. They haven’t seen home plate much this year!


Again? She sure is a target for criminals.


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