Calendar says "Blessed Virgin Mary" on Feb 1?

What does this mean?

Just noticed it’s on the 8th and 15th too

It’s First Saturday. That’s always a Mary Day. (Votive Mass in honor of the BVM is optional and may be superseded by higher ranking feasts.)

Does your calendar have the same thing on all the other First Saturdays for the other 11 months?

It says First Saturday on all the First Saturdays but sometimes it’s by itself with no Mary part.

What country is your calendar from?

It says Made in the USA and I got it from my USA parish

OK. Then my guess is that since USA doesn’t have a saint’s feast assigned as Optional Memorial for Feb 1, they put Mary’s name there for First Saturday.

There isn’t any other Mary feast on that day in United States.

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I’ll trust your judgement thanks

In the EF, a ferial (fourth class, the lowest ranking for feats) Saturday is celebrated as a Saturday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. That office is prayed until it’s time for Vespers, in which case 1st Vespers for that Sunday are prayed.

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Just in case you wanted more trivia, the OM means Optional Memorial and the letters are the vestments color that goes with each of the feasts listed. W = White for confessor saints. R = Red for Martyr saints. V = Violet because you’re in Lent.

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I don’t think their calendar is EF because it’s showing the OF saints for the feast day. For example, on the Pope John XXIII calendar, February 8 would be the feast of St. John of Matha, not of the two saints shown, who are on the General/ USA calendar for OF.

However, in the OF, on any Saturday where there isn’t some higher ranking superseding it, I believe the priest can choose to say a votive Mass for the Blessed Mother. Usually they’ll do that on First Saturday, but some priests will do it other times too. I’m not sure whether he can do that in Lent which might be why it’s not showing on the Saturday falling in Lent.

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Probably not, since it’s an optional votive Mass.

In Ordinary Time.

Correct (nor Easter, nor Advent, nor Christmas)

Thank you for the clarification. We did have a priest who liked to say and explain about votive Masses, but he left, so my knowledge is incomplete.

^^^ This. US calendar publishers usually assume this will be a “default setting” in many locations, so every Saturday is marked ‘BVM’ unless something precludes it.

Saturday is generally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

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In the Liturgical Calendar for the Dioceses of the United States of America 2020 (pdf), in Note #5 of the Miscellaneous Notes section, it says, in part:

Outside of Advent, Christmas Time, Lent, and Easter Time, on Saturdays which have no commemoration having the rank of Obligatory Memorial or higher, a Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary may be celebrated.

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And which also has origins in the General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar:

On Saturdays in Ordinary Time when there is no obligatory memorial, an optional memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary is allowed.


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