Do you follow the moden or 1962 calendar?

Because it is so far to my EF parish I find that I sometimes have to go to the closest OF parish. So I’ll follow the calendar that applies to the form of the Mass that I’m attending.

In my private prayer life I follow the old calendar.

do you think it’s good to follow a calendar from 1962 when the Popes have canonised many new saints since that time?

This is my worry about following the Old Calendar. What if it never changes, even after 2062, and there are many new, great saints that come about in the world? If any are added to the 1962 Calendar, it immediately ceases to be the 1962 calendar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, why not? If I lived closer to my EF parish do you think I would even hear much about the new calendar? Probably not.

I don’t know about you but I worship God. I venerate Saints. With all of the Saints on either calendar, I can’t get around to prayer for even 10% of them. Time does not allow that to happen.

I do the best that I can with the old calendar because it keeps me closer to tradition.

Can’t newer saints be celebrated in the extraordinary form? They will not be in the 1962 Calendar but the Church has canonised them and they will now be in the Martyrology.

Do either of the calendars include each and every saint in the church?

To my knowledge, the purpose of the liturgical calendar is not to venerate all of the saints. That would be impossible, wouldn’t it?

If it makes a difference, Divine Mercy Sunday has been incorporated into the traditional calendar even though it wasn’t made official until about 2000, so its not like we’re literally still living in 1962.

Sure why not. It is the calendar for the Extraordinary Form. The Byzantine’s calendar has Saints not on the Roman OF calendar, and it is approved!.

Also in your private life you can add as many saints as you want for veneration. No rules for what you do privately.

Excellent point. I should have thought of using the Eastern rites as an example.

I attend the TLM daily so the old calendar is much more meaningful for me.

any example?

why no rule?

Because the Chruch does not regulate how we pray in private.

Words of wisdom from my spiritual director

*Pray as you can, not as you can’t.
What matters is that you pray!!:smiley: *

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