CalExit Measure Gets OK to Collect State Ballot Signatures



I hope it passes so they can leave the rest of us alone.


Then Texas will leave, too :frowning: My husband won’t agree to move to a seceded state.

There was actually a really good book series recently about Idaho seceding and what resulted. The first book is Divided We Fall.


This is great news. I’m all for it. We’d all be happier. This will make California free to pursue its leftist policies. They won’t be hampered by us ignorant hicks in the South and Midwest. Funny how most supporting it probably thought secession was treason when it was tried before.


I have preservation moving back to Cali. My house just closed and I guess we will be heading west next Friday. I have been reading and researching into California and everything seems negative. But I don’t know why I am still heading there.

In order to successfully live in Cali, you have to be either completely illegal, live and work at home or self-employed and/or have high-paying job.


Hey consider this. If they succeed in their quest, they become a foreign country, we can tax the daylights out of them when they send their products into our country. Wouldn’t mind a few billion more dollars in the treasury from the Silicon Valley billionaires. And to think of two less liberal democrat, pro abortion, pro euthanasia, pro tax and spend advocates. Love it!! As St. Robert of Hibbing would say, “the times, they are a changin’…”:):):slight_smile:


But they are our only domestic avocado growers!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I better stock up on guacamole tomorrow. 80% of it comes from Mexico and 10% from California.


Better stock up on a lot more than Avacados. The bulk of US produce comes from California.


Hmm, People’s Republic of Kalifornia. I like it.


Didn’t think of that Claire. I’d hate to force you to buy California avocados at four in the morning in a back alley from some avocado pusher named Rico or Ramon? After all, that’s how at least a third of California businesses do business.:):):slight_smile:


Where will they get water in order to irrigate those crops?

Will they lay claim to the Colorado river?




Border fences seem to be out, so we’ll have to dig a moat!


With alligators? :smiley:


Swell. I will now spend the next six months dodging aggressive 20 something’s gathering signatures at my grocery store, mall and post office. :ouch:


Won’t happen imo.


Pray it will not be on ballot. I am native of Calif and I love my country USA. Liberal Democrats will not rule my life.


Really. I wish we could vote. Im all for putting a wall up along the Nevada Arizona border!:smiley:


Already do since we’ve got senior water rights on it. And the majority of California’s water comes from its own water system, not just the Colorado River.


No it has no chance. What I do find more promising is the idea that if Trump stops payments to what he considers “Sanctuary Cities”, California will cease all payments to the US government. Since California is actually one of the few net donator states helping to subsidize most of the rest of the country (ie: we pay more in tax money then we receive from the Fed) this would actually be a net win for California.

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