Calgary Bishop Cites Graphic Images for Withdrawal of Support for Prominent Pro-life Group


Having seen those posters I totally support Bishop Henry in this.

Human life is beautiful. Human life is sacred. Our children’s innocence is being deprived enough by the garbage on TV. Surely they don’t need to see it and there is no way to prevent them from it.

I have no doubt that some adults are changed as a result of it but that is only one side of the whole issue.

They should show beautiful full sized photos of unborn babies who weren’t aborted.

Do we show videos of women being raped to show the horror of that?


Rape is already understood to be horrible and evil and this understanding is reflected in our laws. Abortion is not illegal and many people do not understand the horror of it. This is why I tatally support the use of the large, graphic displays.

The “Children might see it” reason for not displaying the truth of abortion is a weak one. I have never seen children freak out at an abortion image they see on the street - the adults are the ones who normally freak. Most kids are either uninterested or simply want to know what happened to the baby. They are sympathetic and curious.


How loudly did he complain about the images from the Iraq prisons, Vietnam War, Concentration Camps? Or is it only abortion images that offend him?


WOW… I just saw the video and the images, and I think they are incredibly powerful. I’m somewhat disappointed that this group isn’t endorsed by Bishop Henry, but I understand and support his reasons.

The videos and pictures are intended for the ignorant masses that might have second thoughts if they really knew what was REALLY going on. In my opinion, you’d have to be an exceptionally cold and heartless person to see that video and still decide to get an abortion.

What angers me is that the abortion “doctors” witness this barbarism firsthand, and yet they continue to provide this “service.” They know that they are torturing and murdering young lives, and yet they do it anyway. What a grave evil…! I do not envy them on the judgment day.


The Iraq prisons, concentration camps and the Vietnam war are not in Calgary, but if they were you would hear about it from him. Any image that shows a human being in an imhuman situation offends Bishop Henry. He is a good shepherd and deserves the benifit of the doubt.
st julie


To those who are shocked by such images, I say, “If your eye cannot bear to see what your hand has done, you should have stayed your hand.”


What an absolutely EXCELLENT quote! I don’t think it can be stated any better than that… :thumbsup:


What? I don’t want to see images like that, nor do I want my children to have to see images like that. But apparently because I don’t want to see those images I’m somehow complicit to abortion? :shrug: Whatever.


Henry’s position has apparently hardened, however. In his February 14th letter, while he praised the group’s “strong, clear and articulate presentations on behalf of life,” the bishop wrote that the GAP violated the moral principle that “the end…does not justify the means.”

I accept this is a good and strong bishop. I would like to ask him how he determines that these particular means are evil?


The images were not shown in Calgary? You don’t have TV or newspapers?


Judge not less ye be judged.


Maybe he did. How do you know he didn’t?


Too many people who suppoort “choice” have no real conception of what abortion entails. The Bishop should order these posters be dipalyed in every Catholic Church in his diocese.


You have a perfect right not to look – but not to tell others what to do.

Most evils are committed when people stick their heads in the sand and refuse to look evil in the eye.


Judge not less ye be judged?

What the heck does that mean?


That’s exactly how I feel about pornography.


How does that relate to the issue being discussed in this thread?


It relates to images available to the public or in public view. I think your principle applies to many things. It’s a good principle.

Vern: “You have a perfect right not to look – but not to tell others what to do.”


Except that I would say that images of aborted children do have “redeeming social values” – far more than pornography.

I teach Catechism, and the kids I teach have no idea what abortion is. And no matter how you explain it, it remains an abstract concept.

One of the great problems of our society is that we hide from evil. We are like the Germans who saw the trains full of Jews go by, saw the smoke from the crematoria – and refused to know what was actually happening there.


Lots of things may not have socially redeeming values by some standard. Does that give one a right to tell others what to do? Many would hold pics of abortions have no socially redeeming values. And how do we deermine socially redeemimg values? Redeemed from what?

But I still like your principle.

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