Calgary church loses charitable status

It seems this church was being politically incorrect by preaching against abortion, homosexuality and other “sensitive” issues, so no more charity status. It will probably happen to the Catholic Church one day too, but right now we’re too big for that to happen.

If the Church were to lose Her Charity status in various countries, it would probably be the best thing that could happen. The bishops would no longer have to worry about political incorrectness, and would be able to say whatever has to be said, and to hell with the fear of upsetting the wrong types! Some of them would no longer have an excuse for remaining silent, either.

The Churchs hands shouldnt be tied.

In one of his talks (dont remember which one), Father Corapi says that he is fully taxed. So: he can say whatever he likes, and theres nothing anyone can do about it. A man with GUTS!

Of course, there`d be more severe financial hardship; but ultimately, the Truth and our own spiritual wellbeing are the only things that matter.

It would be a good excuse to kick out a lot of diocesan career bureaucrats.

Let`s look on the bright side!

It is frightening that a church can be penalized on principle for preaching the Word of God. That divorce was included in the list of so-called ‘political’ items is astonishing, but it’s no less personal and intimate an issue than abortion.

I did a little looking on this church. It’s a nondenominational, which means they openly say they don’t like religion and adhere to an evangelical, OSAS, theology with strong inclinations towards the KJV and Restorationist practices like holding revivals. Not unexpected. One of their citations was for using a loudspeaker to evangelize in Calgary, which would mean I’d probably find these folks annoying in some instances face to face but I can admire the good that they’re doing. Works of mercy and charity are never without merit, and even if I disagree with the theology they’re attempting to be God’s presence.

Their speaking out against homosexuality is nothing that Catholic bishops haven’t done, though perhaps not on a loudspeaker in downtown. Our native son (hate to admit) Fred Phelps has done worse but he lost his 403c status already for flagrant abuses - writing off an Olympic-size swimming pool as a ‘baptismal font’. So maybe some of it was method, though I’m sure size and political sway has something to do with why the assault on the free speech for the Catholic Church has been much slower.

At the same time, the IRS went after Catholic Answers, and a pox upon the tax-collectors for that one. The notion of Separation of Church and State is going too far, as demonstrated in opinions by Coakley and Kerry that it indicates a personal separation between religious belief and political action. Should such a separation become an expected norm, we will lose what little moral fiber that remains among our elected leadership.

God bless them. Better to lose your status in the U.S.S.A. then in heaven.

From what I am reading it is about as bad or worse in the UK

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