Calif. becomes first state to bar restaurants from automatically handing out plastic straws



If you want a straw you have to ask for it. That’s not so bad.

I usually don’t use straws and have to remember to ask to not get one, otherwise there’s a straw placed on the table that just gets thrown away.


Yeah I think this is a great idea. I don’t wanna drink out of a straw anyway. Unless it’s a super cool twisty straw.

Not to make everything super political, but it is ironic to me that some people apperently think the government has the right to tell us what light bulbs to use and whether or not restaurants can use straws as they please but NOT the right to stop people from using pot.


This discussion comes up every so often. I heard someone say it and then, I saw it in print,

Where plastics in the ocean and on land are a problem is overwhelmingly in the Far East. By comparison, we don’t really have a problem. This is just what I heard, so don’t quote me too much… but research it for oneself.


After working in a restaurant as a teenager and seeing how they cleaned glasses during a rush when the dishwasher is full, I always use a straw when possible.


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