Calif. Man Working 3 Jobs Wins $39M Lottery Ticket

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Calif. Man Working 3 Jobs Wins $39M Lottery Ticket

SANTA CRUZ, California — A man who works three jobs to support his family — including one as a limousine driver — has won a $39 million jackpot in California’s SuperLotto Plus.

Clyde Persley, who is married with a 4-year-old daughter, turned in his winning ticket on Tuesday night and should get his first check for about $16 million in four to six weeks, said a California lottery spokeswoman.

The 49-year-old Santa Cruz man operates candy-making machines for Santa Cruz Nutritionals, drives a limousine and picks up extra hours at a restaurant.

He says his first moves will be taking his wife on a trip to Hawaii and hiring a financial adviser.

He bought his winning ticket at a Santa Cruz market where he has played the lottery twice a week for several years.

God Love him! I hope he gets it all. And then there’s “Change” that will have to be paid…***

Aw, I’m happy for him. He seems like a good, hardworking person.

Great story! We need to hear more news like this. :slight_smile:

Nice to hear. Maybe I could be one of those people some day. Even if it’s enough to get me through college and a good start at life. hopes God is reading his post ;):smiley:

Good for him. Just hope he is wise with the money and doesn’t spend it on stupid stuff. I would like to win enough to GET OUT OF DEBT!!! I would probably need about 175K for that. I know I couldn’t win the multi millions, I would end up too greedy. It would be hard to get used to something like $39M. When you live pretty much paycheck to paycheck, I guess it would be weird to go from that situation to more money than you could ever need. Of course after I got used to it, I would give to charity, especially the food banks and homeless shelters. It is fun to dream, nonetheless! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be grossly weathly, but it certainly would be nice to repay all debts and live without fear of shortage.

Lord, Let me prove to You the lottery wouldnt change me!

-heard that awhile ago…

i’m not so quick to rejoice. . .or scour. But i am cautious about it. If he uses the money for worthy causes, that’s great. But it’s been my observation of others and of myself that when granted such gifts the gifts all too often go to waste. Like when i finally got out of school. i enjoyed the time off for a good year or so but the feeling wore off eventually. i got used to it. Now i regularly take that for granted as well as many other things i now have in life that weren’t always there before.

And you zoom out and take a look at mankind, history as a whole. The great discoveries we’ve made through the centuries. And how technology has made things supposedly better for mankind. But when you boil it down. . .are we really happier nowadays as a race than back in the so-called Dark Ages? Or do we still struggle with attaining the virtues and following the Commandments, all the while hardly ever thinking to be thankful for the technology we now have?

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