Calif. religious leaders push for gay marriage ban

Calif. religious leaders push for gay marriage ban

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Hundreds of pastors have called on their congregations to fast and pray for passage of a ballot measure in November that would put an end to gay marriage in California.
The collective act of piety, starting Wednesday and culminating three days before the election in a revival for as many as 100,000 people at the San Diego Chargers’ stadium, comes as church leaders across California put people, money and powerful words behind Proposition 8.
Some pastors around the state and nation are encouraging their flocks to forgo solid food for up to 40 days in the biblical tradition.


There is quite a bit of alienation going on at the pew level over this. It is seen as imposing discrimination and just overall mean spirited, which is not how religion should be. There are more pressing needs in the world than to waste time, money, and energy on this.

Maybe those pressing for the legalization of gay marriage should keep that in mind as well regarding more important issues.

Good for the churches. It is not surprising that they will do this, since they are standing behind right instead of wrong.
No doubt the gay people that inhabit Catholic Answers will be filled with rage and show it on this thread.
All the same, the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts should never be approved, which serves as a judgement on the law enabling gay marrige in California.

This caught my attention. Does anyone know when exactly the fast & pray begins?

This is what religious leaders should be doing.

yesterday 'til election day

Thanks, I don’t live in Calif. but I will be praying in unison.

WRONG! Protecting marriage and family is not a waste of time - it is at the core of what Catholic Christians are all about. Marriage is a holy sacrament - we cannot let gays mock it with fake “gay marriages” that are built on sin, and then have our children taught that those fake marriages are just as valid as real marriages that are built on love and commitment.

I’ve read the text of California’s Proposition 8, and it does not accurately describe the reality of heterosexual marriage in the US, which condones serial polygamy (there a lots of divorced and remarried people receiving communion in my congregation). The text should be amended to read, “only marriage between one man and one woman at one time is valid or recognized in California.”

What are the odds of success? Last poll I saw showed it failing.

It will probably fail because on the face of it, the proposition appears mean-spirited. Marriage is not threatened because more people want to enjoy it (is the existence of air threatened because more people want to breathe?). Marriage is threatened because those who have historically enjoyed its benefits hold it in contempt with their acquiescence to no-fault divorce, their obscene twenty-four hour heterosexual marriages, etc.


Of course its mean-spirited. Its an attempt to deny rights to a minority simply as an exercise in cultural and political power.

Yes, but those are real problems . It is is much harder to deal with them, and easier to create a bogey man and telling your followers “Attack this, or marriage will die.”

You may consider it mean spirited, but if gay marriage is legalized across the board, how long until churches are compelled to allow gay “marriages” to take place at churches?

The potential violation of Free Exercise of Religion should concern everybody.

GOOD! :thumbsup:

I will be aiding and supporting this nobel cause with my own prayers and sacrifices, and I encourage everyone to do the same. With God we CAN beat this thing, but it requires cooperation on our part. Yet evven if gay marriage should not be defeated - never fear, for we can still resist it by our sufferings and await with joyful hope for the justice of God, which will prevail over every evil! :slight_smile:

As long as we protect the separation of church and state, this will never happen. It is only when the state intrudes on the religious sphere that this happens.

Then you should get a “Nobel” prize for supporting a “nobel” cause! :smiley:

In a nation that officially separates church and state, the state is in no position to sanctify anything. In a Catholic marriage it is the wife and husband who are ministers of the sacrament to each other. A lot of problems might be avoided if the state restricted itself to recognizing civil unions that carry equal legal protection for homosexual and heterosexual couples. The churches would be free to bless or condemn whatever types of union they wished to bless or condemn, and as voluntary associations they would not be forced to “marry” anyone they chose not to marry.


We have already seen a couple of states bully Catholic adoption agencies into allowing gay couples of adopt, not to mention forcing Catholic hospitals to provide birth control.

Can you provide examples?

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