Calif to investigate Mormon Church for their support of prop 8

The state of California has received a complaint from a gay activist group concerning the Mormon Churches support of prop 8.

They want the Mormons questioned about their role in the defeat of the prop to see if their was any deception.

Folks, you know they are gonna be found guilty, after all this is California, they were guilty when they woke up this morning. The will of the people will not be allowed to stand, they just can’t do it, not out there.

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(Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not in favor of ever affirming sexuality between two people of the same gender as normal behavior.)

I can see the “gay” people’s point, though. They were defeated by a fake-fronted “religion” who probably used dishonest methods to do their maneuvering of public opinion. Was the Mormon push the only reason the Prop was defeated? No.

I’m not too crazy about Mormonism as a right-wing conscience for society. They preach the preach, but don’t follow the preach. In fact, Mormonism has itself convinced that wrong is right, and that, in turn, trickles into their preach. Mormonism is a way-ward “religion,” and a danger to the people who get sucked up into it.

Here’s a very good example of fake-frontedness.

Big mover and shaker in Mormon church…“all pure and holy and righteous, a pillar of the Mormon church”… wants to be president. This man is not above anything to get what he wants. His bid for the White House fails, thank God. So he continues on with his daily life doing harm to society all in the disguise of being saintly and religious. His funneling of China money into this country through his giant leverage firm has now reached a new, ultimate low. He used China money to invest and create an analysis company named MedeFinance located in California.

Guess what this company does? When a sick person walks into one of this Mormon giant’s medical facilities (a facility associated with one of the largest health care conglomerates in the world), the med clinic runs a complete financial scan on the ill person. They do this before they even run a scan on the person’s health. MedeFinance pops back and tells the clinic everything about the sick person…their credit card limits, their balances in their 401Ks, their mortgage debt, their medical savings deposits etc.
Before the doctor even treats the sick person, the doctor knows how much the sick person can afford…and thus charges accordingly. So, if the normal price for a lab test is say $300, and the med facility knows that the poor sick person has a credit card (which he is trying to pay off), they tell them that they can charge the cost. The lab test price, then, can be the same amount as the credit limits allow.

The sick person then charges the cost of his medical expense because he has no other cash on hand…forget the insurance…it is a high deductible which hasn’t been met yet.
Then, this sick person, say, has to declare bankruptcy because the med expense was too expensive, and the credit card company just upped the interest rates to 20% or so, and thus drove him into the ground. The new bankruptcy laws just pasts don’t look kindly on “consumer credit,” which is what credit card balances are called.
The courts don’t SEE medical expense, which they would normally let the poor sick person for go. The courts SEE consumer credit and it wouldn’t matter if the person was living in a homeless shelter…the courts would reschedule that consumer credit until it was completely paid off.

The MedeFinance also sees 401Ks and gets the person to take a loan out on the 401K to pay the overly expensive lab tests. The person then discontinues with the working situation. That loan on that 401K is then called—not a loan—but a lump sum distribution! If a person doesn’t roll it over…he has to pay penalties…some as much as 30% on his federal tax return!

Didn’t we just have this reading where it says…if you do to the least of society, you do to Jesus, Himself?
How can the Mormon church “worship” this saint in their midst?
How can they accept his financial contributions which have been made by such despicable means?

The gays have a point with that “church.”

So, LMP, tell us how you really feel:D

While I am glad that prop 8 was defeated and I feel that this “investigation” is highly unusual and probably illegal, I do agree that the Mormon Church is a bit off.

We lived in Utah in the late 1990’s and when Mitt was brought in to try to fix the horribly corrupt SLOC the biggest thing the TV people could say about him was that he was Mormon.

I’ll tell you something else about Mitt, he gives a terrible commencement address, real rubber chicken stuff.

You got your wording a little backwards there. Prop 8 was not “defeated.” It was passed.

I also believe Mormon theology to be wrong in most respects, but on areas where we agree, I think it is better to work with each other for the common good.

There was a little, old lady who went weekly to mass.
One week she put a white envelope into the collection plate.
The next week, she did the same.
She keep putting in white envelopes week after week.
One day after mass, the priest stopped her to have a chat.
He said, "I’ve noticed that you have been the person contributing
the white envelope week after week and that there has been
a substantial amount of money in that envelope. Are you sure that you want to contribute that much?"
The little, old lady replied, "Oh, it is okay. My son gives me money
every week, at least ten thousand dollars each time. I use what I need and then give the rest to the church."
The priest responded, “Wow! What does your son do?”
“Oh,” she said, "He’s a veterinarian."
The priest was amazed.
She continued, “Yes, he has one cat house in Reno and two more in Vegas.”

So, yes, this is a joke. But when a person stops laughing, and starts thinking about the morality of it all, it could be an extreme problem for the priest. Now the he knows that the contributions were generated from illicit means, should he continue to accept the large amounts of money?

The Christian answer is “No.” The priest should explain to the elderly lady the Christian position.

If the Mormon Church were truly of God like they say they are, then they should reject Mitt’s contributions and explain to him why. They shouldn’t just use it to promote their views on right-wing morals. This way, too, Mitt would have a chance to clean up his act before he gets judged. The Mormon Church, as well, would be helping the whole of society by setting a good example of how to truly be God’s disciple, which in turn would help others clean up their acts.

Excuse, no church should be allowed to “rewrite” God’s Word.

The point is, that no matter what you think of Mormons, if the gay rights people are successful in prosecuting the Mormons, the Catholics could be next. Catholic answers is headquarted in Ca., and it could get pretty rough. The gay rights bunch are very powerful with its many gay lawyers and judges in that state. This is a sign of things to come in this country after Obama is sworn in. Regardless of how many times we vote, our votes will mean nothing in the future. IMO

This is an investigation into the rules for campaign financing and whether they were broken in supporting Prop 8. There was a complaint and they are investigating. Were the rules broken or not? I don’t see why this investigation has to be politicized.

As a Catholic, and an ex-Mormon (though Mormon only for a very brief time), I disagree vehemently with many LDS doctrines.

churches of all stripes have the RIGHT to speak out on moral issues WITHOUT ANY “punishment” or “harassment” from judges and the fascist gay militants who are filing the suits and demanding the investigations. It is a matter of Freedom of Speech. They are starting by attacking the little guys, the small churches like the LDS. Then the gov’t will go after the Protestants, and then the Catholics and Orthodox too.

In this fight, I stand in solidarity with the Mormon Church 100%.

But ain’t it funny not ONE call for an investigation of any group that supported the defeat of prop 8. Not one.

The point is, that no matter what you think of Mormons, if the gay rights people are successful in prosecuting the Mormons, the Catholics could be next. Catholic answers is headquarted in Ca., and it could get pretty rough. The gay rights bunch are very powerful with its many gay lawyers and judges in that state. This is a sign of things to come in this country after Obama is sworn in. Regardless of how many times we vote, our votes will mean nothing in the future. IMO

I agree with this point. If they go after the Mormons, with their powerful allies in the state house, and assemblies, whose next?

Well, if someone suspects they broke the rules, I think they should file a complaint. I have no idea what the rules are, and don’t live in California, so I can’t file it. But it would seem like if people put so much effort into promoting Prop 8, they should also complain if the other side was breaking the rules.

But it sounds to me it’s nothing but sour grapes that Prop. 8 was passed.

In an article about Prop 8 passing, The AP reported:
“Perhaps the most crucial faith-based ingredient of the California campaign was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormon church was invited into the coalition by San Francisco’s Roman Catholic Archbishop George Neiderauer, who previously spent 11 years as bishop of the Catholic diocese of Utah.”

It is great to see what can happen when different sects work together.
I hope these attacks on the Mormon Church doesn’t scare off any other churches from any future coalitions.

Just a point of interest LMP. You won’t find a cat house in Reno or Las Vegas! Not allowed there, but are in other areas.

The Episcopalian Church has joined in the effort to have the State Supreme Court overturn Prop 8. Is California going to investigate the Episcopalian Church for political activity?

Uh…this is California not Utah.

I’m referring to the Gay Activists in the California, and THEIR allies in the statehouse and assemblies.

Good for the Mormans.
Anyone defending the will of God is a friend of mine.

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