California AG Probing Priestly Abuse... will it ever end?

The Attorney General of California has opened yet another probe into priestly abuse after the Diocese of San Jose released a list of confirmed abuser priests as did San Diego. And then a law firm released a list of 215 credibly accused priests in the SF Bay Area. Why was this so prevailent?

For the same reasons it was prevalent in society at large in roughly the same percentages. I bet if every school district and private school released all its records you’d see a ton more of these cases. And if all the records were released of parents and stepparents and other relatives abusing kids in the family, you’d have a Niagara Falls of accusations.



It’s really awful, but child abuse is very, very common.

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If the Church can’t do better than society at large, the Church has failed.

Now we need to figure out how to get things back on track to building the kingdom of God.


Just the other day our newspaper had an article about a (non-Catholic) pastor who was charged with sex crimes.
They’re out there, but they’re not unified under a single institution.

Leftist states will stop to no end to end Catholicism in the United States…

Have a look at Connecticut sometime, it’s awful…

“If we sandwich the USA, we can stop Catholicism! Let’s start with States that begin with the letter C!!”

Louisiana won’t be too far behind in releasing names of accused abusers. 4-5 dioceses here will do so including our own Diocese of Lafayette. It will not be pretty.

The Church needs this kind of cleansing. It’s about time.


Our Bishop just wanted to make sure that the names released were not of the accused but of those accused who have charges proven against them.

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“This kind of cleansing” has been in force since 2002 with the Dallas accords. I think you will find that the incidence of child abuse and molestation is greatly, greatly reduced. (It will never go completely away until sin goes completely away). Living in Pennsylvania myself, what was brought to light occurred 30 to 70 years ago. I think that is probably what is going to happen in other dioceses across the country. Oh, and don’t discount the possibility that this diligence on the part of politicians isn’t so much to defend those abused 40/50 years ago, but rather to make a name for themselves as they grab for more power and fame and fortune. Never underestimated the greed of the politician.


Yea, and it is the federal level that scares me. They are pursuing this with RICO statutes in mind. That’s frightening.

Agreed, 110%.

Good…what’s the problem?

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In the 60’s thru the 80’s there were several seminaries very heavily influenced by homosexual administrators ( best term I can use as I don’t know all the particulars). They, along with ordained clergy in positions of influence have been called, “the lavender mafia” They promoted and encouraged many homosexual men to obtain positions of clerical power and influence in the church (on both local and higher levels) We are now paying for that disaster.

I do wonder if revelations of this nature will in any way backfire on the LGBT movement. If homosexual priests are the cause of so much distress and pain of the victims of homosexual clerical abuse, will it not smear the very “movement” itself? Time will tell.



Not sure how I got included in that quote…

My response was

“Good…what’s the problem?”

It saddens me, but because of the actions themselves. The investigators are doing the right thing. I hope and pray that everyone who abused/abuses children get their full scoop of justice. I also hope and pray that those abused get their full scoop of mercy and healing.

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Sorry, I misread the post. It was Padres 1969’s statement I should have cited, not yours Maxx. Mea culpa!

No worries…!

can we please post this response everywhere for people to see?

Which is mostly for political reasons, as the previous poster said. Federal investigations for the most part are a feel-good gesture, especially when they happen decades after the fact.

So that makes it ok what these men did to all those little boys?

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