California Campus Removes Bell Marking Catholic Missions

Glorifies racism? So the gospel is now racist? (And yes, I know it’s more complicated than that).

It makes a little more sense that it was a public university. I’d be more angry if it was a Catholic college trying to erase their past. I hope that the bell is given to a Catholic institution. If not, a museum would be a better alternative. But I’d really hate if they melted it down.

Probably best to remove it before some mob of students destroys it.


It’s apparently racist to convince people to convert to Christianity. Native peoples should instead have to remain pagans for all eternity because that is what they were before making contact with other cultures. They must not be told other ideas ever and perpetually remain tribal nomads who worship the sun and the wind.

Similarly, you are a culturally appropriating racist if you wear a Chinese-inspired dress or shirt, or make and sell homemade tortillas while-being-nonhispanic. However one can be an American Indian, Chinese, or Hispanic and wear slacks and a collared shirt/tie and make and eat hamburgers without being a culturally appropriating racist, because…wait…I am confused. :thinking:

Just to highlight the accusations of racism:

So it is less the Gospel and some of the stuff surrounding how it was spread. I’ve heard similar complaints from Africans and Indians. Sure, some lump the religion into what is lost, but things like language and non-sinful parts of culture aren’t really what Catholic evangelization is trying to turn people from.

With that said, I haven’t investigated the claim. I’m just throwing that out there to offer more context than the headline and first paragraph.

I’m actually surprised it hasn’t already happened.

From what I have read, those bells are replicas, are placed all along the Mission Trail, and are owned by the state, so they aren’t authentic items from actual missions. They’re just marking the trail for tourists.

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