California Coincidence?: Legal Gay Marriage, Largest Gay Parade Ever & Over 1000 Fires


Are we missing a connection here? Is there something staring us in the face that we are just not seeing?

1 - Gay marriage was just legalized in California two weeks ago.

2 - San Francisco just had the largest gay pride parade it has ever had. You can see some very disturbing pictures of it and some thoughts on this “California coincidence” here:

3 - There are currently over 1000 fires raging across California as we discuss this:

Once again, are we missing the point?

What do you all think?


This, at least for me, is no coincidence:shrug:. I’ve been thinking the same thing for awhile…one reason why I don’t look forward to going back to Cali:cool:.


Yeah-huh, and Katrina hit the Gulf because this country tolerates gays. :rolleyes:

We joining Westboro Baptist next?

If God went around smiting countries for their tolerance of sexual immorality anymore, San Francisco would have been gone decades ago, along with Amsterdam and Bangkok.

Besides, if God were smiting Californians for allowing gay marriage, why would He threaten the homes of innocent bystanders who had nothing to do with the court decision or the parade? With Sodom and Gomorrah, He punished the guilty only!




Carjack, you and dusky can scoff all you like at these circumstances, but you may want to read further in history to have more info about this.:o Another chuckle for you guys is "if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out ", think about how the US and world is institutionalizing offenses against God today vs 1917, now that is sure laughable isn’t it guys?:cool:

Our Lady of Fatima - July 13, 1917

“The war is going to end: but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the Pontificate of Pius XI.”

“The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

By the way, July 13, 2008 is on Sunday.

Could we be at the time in history were the world and US are institutionalizing offenses to God? Institutionalizing, Abortion on demand, gay marriage, divorce, pornography and many others are great offenses to our Lord. We could be gearing up for another cycle where at minimum “various nations will be annihilated”. Makes you wonder.


The United States is one of the most conservative and openly religious of all the nominally Christian nations in the world. If God is going after any of his straying flock, He’s got much bigger fish to fry before He gets to us!


Well, except for the Latin American nations. But I agree with you. Wouldn’t we expect to see massive destruction in Europe and Canada if this were true? Because (in general) they are far worse than us when it comes to this issue…


So what are the Mississippi states being punished for?

If God uses natural disasters to punish people for sins,
why aren’t we ALL suffering this way? Why single out
homosexuality? And if the Mississippi river states aren’t
being punished, it’s just a natural occurence, then how do
we decide which is God and which is just nature (so to


Oh please! :doh2: If this were true, I’d be scr***d. I live in California, about 30 miles from SF. Oh, and wait! There was a fire 4 blocks from my house… :smiley: Am I doomed? :smiley:


Hey that’s fine. Let’s not look any further than yesterday headline news and the standard media wisdom. I don’t see any panic but if people want to institutionalize and state sanction abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, assisted suicide and toss aside as insignificant the words of Our Lady of Fatima, just do it.

I think it would be interesting to stand back an watch what happens.:wink:


The bay area does not have any fies. So if God is upset about marriage and pride parades, then he struck the wrong place…


Another thought.

Why is Vegas still standing?
And Atlantic City?
How about the Netherlands?


Illinois… for having a certain liberal senator that is running for pres on the platform that abortions should be available to all… And for having another senator that is just as bad…


**Q: **Legal Gay Marriage, Largest Gay Parade Ever & Over 1000 Fires: a coincidence?

**A: **Yes.


I’ve wondered about this but since my socially conservative midwest hometown and much of its surrounding areas have been hit with numerous horrid storms, damaging winds and floods lately, I’ve changed my mind.


And what about all the Birth Control using Catholics???

**Oops sorry – we aren’t supposed to mention that… That is “different”. :cool: **


Yawn…another thread about the GRANDDADDY of ALL SINS, homosexuality!!

Sin is sin…

On the other hand, I’m in Canada, with gay marriage…I had best run for cover…:rolleyes:


Canada has had legal gay marriage for 2 years and things are really good up here. Aren’t there wild fires every year in California?


That’s an absolutely horrid, hateful thought. It’s certainly not in line with Jesus’s teachings.


But far better in most other issues! :thumbsup:

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