California county clerk to cut marriage ceremonies in wake of same-sex marriage decision

[California county clerk to cut marriage ceremonies in wake of same-sex marriage decision](“”)

Bakersfield, CA, Jun 10, 2008 / 03:20 am (CNA).- The county clerk of Kern County, California has announced that her office will perform no civil marriages at all because of the state Supreme Court’s decision not to stay its mandate legalizing same-sex marriages.
Ann Barnett, who in addition to being county clerk is also county auditor and comptroller, had asked the county’s legal counsel to join the motion filed by 10 states petitioning the court to delay its decision mandating same-sex marriages to be performed beginning June 17.
When the court announced on June 4 that it would not delay its decision, Barnett considered resigning as clerk to avoid performing homosexual marriages.


Some additional information:

In April and May the office performed 299 marriage ceremonies, according to records.

Despite Barnett’s ruling, some same-sex couples will gather outside the county clerk’s office for their wedding ceremonies June 17.

Rev. Byrd Tetzlaff of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kern County said she will be at the office that morning from 8 a.m. until her energy runs out. She said she will perform weddings for free until Nov. 4.

Molly McKay will also be performing free weddings at the County Clerk’s office, although I am unsure if she affiliated with any religion.

The radio has said that clerks will be fired if they don’t abide but as long as she gives out the marriage licenses she may be O.K. and if she isn’t fired, I hope other will follow her lead.:thumbsup:

Let others do the services as that is up to them although it must be difficult to cover the town offices not knowing what time a person will come in for a license.

Gam197, I think the County Clerk of Kern County is going a bit further. She is stopping all civil marriages, not merely allowing individual clerks to follow their conscience.

I have some misgivings about this, since people often opt for civil marriages in order to save money. I think her decision would affect the poorest members of her county the most. But since private individuals are stepping forward to offer marriage for free, I think there is less of a problem. Still, should the availability of marriage be dependent on one’s wealth or on the charity of others? Her decision troubles me.

Does anyone know if there are any other counties in California which do not offer civil marriage at the County Clerk’s office?

She is doing the right thing. Someone needed the sack to stand up to the gay “marriage” soldiers. I am all in favor of ceasing all government marriages if the gay’s win. If the gay’s get “marriage” then nobody should.

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