California couple threatened with $500 per meeting fines for home Bible study

Their city defines this meeting at a family’s home to study the Bible as a church, requiring them to get a permit from the city. The lawyer this family hired protests that the city is trying to make them pay fees for having friends coming to their house to read the Bible.

A bible study of 50 people sounds more like a small protestant church than a home bible study.

Surely they have to draw the line somewhere for zoning purposes.

Why? What are they hurting? If I have a party with that many people where we study the bible would that be offensive?

How dare they preach the bible to everyone else! That’s what we need to focus on in the world. Go get em!

If you have a party a couple times a week with 50 guests indefinately you’ll probably be fined for not having a liquor license! :wink:

LOL! Perhaps. Just don’t come to my house on a Friday night in the summer—unless you bring more Ramones CD’s, Jack Daniels and Cigars!

However, there were reports that the 50 were less than kind. Blockin driveways and being bad/aggresive drivers and making it dangerous for neighborhood children to play. More than just annoyance, but many near misses.

If you want to host a giant bible study then let people carpool from appropriate places so the cars are only in front of your house.

It’s not a party without that happening.

I must side with the city/neighborhood on this.

I would not like people blocking my driveway…opening their car doors into my plants and damaging them…leaving their trash in the street…or on my propeerty…hanging out on the street talking past a considerate time…driving reckless and perhaps endangering those who live on the street.

I am not agains Bible study in homes…if that was the only issue…I’d side with the Bible students…but such is not the case it seems…those who live on the same street and neighborhood deserve the respect and courtesy that the Bible itself seems to command in Philippians 2:3 "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let** each esteem others better than themselves**.

If this simple injunction would have been followed…I doubt there would have been an issue.

I agree with Publisher. I heard only a “soundbite” of this story, and the point in this brief mention seemed to be that the meeting had more than three people attending and that the city was penalizing the couple for having a meeting with a religious purpose at their house.

I wondered at this. There are small groups that meet outside church all the time. I’m glad I came to this thread and read more about it. I think it’s a shame that it had to happen, though. With that many people, I’m not surprised.

With 50 people, just how hard would it be to rent a conference room in a hotel?
Surely that would be a better alternative to a residence. It would be set, cleanup would be easy, and I doubt they would need more then 2 or 3 dollars from each person to do it.

This would be a serious question if there were bad drivers and it made it dangerous for neighbor children to play. I wonder if you could provide a link to your source of information on this?

My friends Muslims erect a MOSQUE to freely worship. :confused: My fellow Catholics are punished for worshiping “freely” in their HOME. How do we suppose to reconcile this disparate???!!! :confused::confused:

I dont have the links. If this is the case thats 3-4 years I do know that it got very messy in town. I know a girl who was a strong evangelical but sided with the town. The neighbors basically gave up calling the cops because it got so bad.

As far as building a mosque. No matter what the religion they need to have adequite parking. For a once a year holiday party or a graduation people make do (and law enforcement is heightened) but 50 people…30-40 cars twice a week??? Thats a bit much for a modern suburban development even if they were all perfectly curtious.

I see what has happened. Actually, this isn’t an older incident from 3 or 4 years ago. Actually this article is on something else, that has happened this year. And, actually, their neighbors have sent letters of support to the city saying that they were not inconvenienced by this meeting. The following article for one indicates that this has all occurred this year.

Thats your strongly flavored opinion.
I have a neighbor that has a beer bash once a week and lots of people show up… so if people dont drink a lot of beer and dance … they should be censored?

LOL??? …this would make a great Doonesbury story line.

… So … the number of people really isnt the beef?

Maybe NPR should show up and do an exit poll to find out who has a Christian friend in the Tea Party… and how they feel about using the spanky spoon on kids.

… this has got reality show potential…

what ARE you going on about? I the op’s article was a different one. The other case had the people over for bible study being rude and obnoxious to most of the neighbors…blocking the entrance to the culdesac, a mailbox that got run over, a kid that nearly got run over on a bike, and minor things like litter and trampled flowers.

In this case it seems like one neighbor with a personal vendetta against the other. The rest are too cowerdly to stand up other than saying they’re not bothered. The real question is just how much we will let single whiners and trouble makers get away with things. I still believe religion has very little to do with this.

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