California Democrats Defeat Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (bill against Sex-Selection Abortions)


Sex-selection abortion in California—which has evolved into a cottage tourism industry for women wishing to hand-pick their baby’s gender—will remain a protected practice after the Assembly Health Committee snubbed a proposal on May 6 to end the barbaric trend. As expected, the committee voted along party lines, 13-6, squelching Assembly Bill (AB) 2336 (Grove R-Bakersfield).

In introducing her Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act at the hearing, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove offered statistics showing that entire population segments are shifting toward male majorities as experts estimate that 160 million girls have been killed either from through sex-selection abortion or infanticide at birth by parents seeking a boy.

So is it okay to discriminate against people’s sexuality if they are in the womb??


War on Women


Don’t be silly. A fetus is not a person, duh!


Thumbs Up to Bakersfield, California!




Gee, everything I read tells me that it’s the Republicans that war on women!


I know, right, with all that treating their offspring like people and such. How terrible.

In all seriousness though, people do remember that one of the reasons we went to war with Germany was their eugenics programs, which included exactly this sort of nonsense… Human memory is far too short.


This is absolutely disgusting. In effect they are condoning sex-selection murder of unborn children. :mad:


One of the big arguments for abortion is that it is poverty driven. Fixing the economy is supposed reduce the need for abortions. This is clearly not an income-based choice.

Another is that women shouldn’t be forced to carry out an unwanted pregnancy. Looks like the definition of “wanted” has been extended to beyond just pregnancy, but also to what sex the child is.

So very sad.


Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Isn’t that genocide?

Black babies and female babies are their targets!


Now now, don’t go around using facts, that’s racist, and bigoted. You should be ashamed of yourself for pointing out reality, we don’t tolerate that sort of thing in the party of tolerance.

Serious: Disgusting, that is disgusting. Although, not surprising considering that the founder of planned parenthood really was a racist eugenicist.


I’m sorry that it was difficult to find a real “mainstream” news source article for this story. I should have searched longer, surely the LA Times reported on it.


Heres the bill:

Here are more stories on it:

I suspect the LA Times didn’t carry it because it doesn’t support their left wing agenda.


Like I said, there aren’t any real mainstream news sources on this story.


Where does the linked bill reference The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act? To me it looks like something completly different.


So you are doubting the story because you don’t like the sources???


I can’t speak for him but I don’t like the sources so far. Even the bill you linked didn’t mention sex selection abortions so I’m not even sure what we are supposed to believe. When you google “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act” the first link is this thread. That’s usually a sign that it’s simply not true.

I would be 100% behind this kind of bill but I’m not seeing any evidence it exists (I did notice what looked like a federal bill).


Bill introduced:

123471. A person shall not intentionally perform or attempt to perform an abortion with knowledge that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion on account because of the gender of the unborn child

Bill Status:;jsessionid=17b1e739f6243598f366cb624b27

**05/06/14 In committee: Set, first hearing. Failed passage. **



I copied the wrong link on the bill introduction. The idea that all these organizations lied about this bills existence is specious. It is merely a convenient way to avoid discussing the bill and who it was that blocked it.


Thanks. I always have a hard time finding these types of things.

The only reason I’m skeptical is because I’ve been fooled before by internet stories before. I already mentioned this to my fiance and I hate having to go home and say that I’ve been tricked again :blush:

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