California Drought: Catholic Bishops Pray for Rain

Drought in California? ¡Vaya lío! Revive the Oratio Imperata, traditional public Processions

When we have great need, let’s take it to the streets.

Let the bishops of California organize public processions to pray for rain.

And don’t just make it up: use the Church’s time honored rites! They have already been composed. Just Say The Black and Do The Red.

Much of So. California is a desert. I don’t know what they expected when they built such large cities in the south.

The drought is actually worse in the north. They need to either

  1. split the state or

  2. decrease water shipments from NorCal until SoCal starts building (many) dams. If they capture the water wasted in the Grape Vine, they will probably have their problem solved. I went through there once in February and the CHP was leading “car-avans” through because the highway was a river.

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