California Elementary School Parents Blindsided by Homosexual "Coming Out Day"

By Tim WaggonerSACRAMENTO, October 23, 2008 ( - Parents of students attending an elementary school in Hayward, California, are in a frenzy after learning the school allegedly made no effort to inform them their children were to participate in today’s homosexual "Coming Out…

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I don’t get it. I just seriously don’t get it… what is the purpose of pushing this on kids as young as five? Most of them don’t even know anything about alternative lifestyles…

That’s the whole point. Push it on them when they are young, and they’ll be more likely to be ‘accepting’ of it. It’s a nasty tactic of the extremist (note that I am in no way accusing all people with homosexual inclinations or even all those who engage in homosexual actions) to put the ‘other side’ on the defense from the get-go. Put something ‘in their face’ and then make THEM be the ones who have to explain why that nice man is doing bad things. After the ‘nice man’ has probably told them all about his pet dog, and how he likes cartoons too, and all he wants is to be able to live freely without having people hurt him or make fun of him. Gee kids, don’t you hate it when people hurt you by calling you names, especially when all you want to do is just be yourself and have fun with your friends?

Then send the kiddies home to be confused over why Mommy and Daddy don’t want the nice man to not get called names and to have fun with his friends. And to worry that Mommy and Daddy might start to call THEM names or stop THEIR fun, like the nice man said started happening to him when HE was young. . .

Well, at least at this age the parents (hopefully) have enough of a psychological edge over their kids still to steer them in the right direction. I know that most parents would have the power of will over their kids to sit down and explain to them why this is wrong… that is, if they’re not too busy working, I guess.

When I was little and it continued till around 30 years ago there was a belief in religious environs that went this way:

Give us a child till they are six and I will give you a (insert religion here) ______________ forever. They may stray for a time but will return to their well founded roots.

I know many of our homeschool families still follow this. I also know that many of our catholic parishes no longer feel this way. Teaching the children starts after this primary time first grade and beyond.

Rick you hit it on the head. Parent time and teaching yet, the average child has been in day care and other public care for most of their lives. The parents don’t spend the time with them many because of necessity others because of personal choices (limited quality time does not work). How many children’s programs do you have in your parish or church and how well are they attended? Now Mr Obama has said that he will support government day care as part of the educational system.

Parents don’t have the right to opt-out of the programs for their child in many states. :eek: One and one half hours of CCD is just not enough.

The thing that makes me angriest is that it is MY tax money that is supporting these abominations upon the children. The government tells us how much we are to pay yearly and we have no choice.:eek:

This is just indoctrination. Every facet of Christian morality is being attacked. They are doing it on all fronts - even to the fact that very little American history is being taught in schools now - the slant is towards globalism and multiculturalism…after all, they don’t want any patriotism being bred in the hearts of our children nor the fact that this nation is based upon Godly standards.

Attack all that pertains to the Word of God; their ultimate goal as we move further left toward socialism is the abolishment of parental rights and eventually, the abolishment of the Church.

Didn’t Christ mention something about millstones…:frowning:

[size=3]Some years ago I read a book called the Pink Swastika. At the end of the book it talked about stuff like this that was printed in homosexual magazines so I discussed this with my co-workers.[/size]

[size=3]I was told I was a nut and that book was a wacko book. Things like indoctrination of homosexual lifestyle will never be taught in public schools to American children.

Now who’s the nut?


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