California funds 1st US inmate sex reassignment surgery




I am not surprised.
The state has been past sanity for years.


Because currently, there seems to be no better option.

I feel that people really need to start funding/pushing for research about matters like this in order to help people. People who have these feelings suffer tremendously, almost all of us would not be able to relate. A lot of people are hesitant for this in fear that science may refute their politically correct claims.


We don’t really need to do much additional research at this point. John Hopkins Hospitals pioneered this type of surgery and spent multiple decades following the effects of the surgery on those who have it. They’ve since decided to stop performing the surgeries because of the overwhelmingly negative repercussions it has on people. While they did frequently see a temporary increase in reported happiness, in almost all cases the patient not only returned to their previous state of unhappiness, but frequently reported being even less happy than before the surgery. The rate of suicide among patients who underwent the surgery also increased significantly, which was one of their primary reasons for discontinuing this type of surgery.


You are 100% correct. It is very sad, this affliction, only schizophrenia or some illegal sexual social disorder could be worse. The evidence is in, and not just recently. I have quoted the Johns-Hopkins findings more than once in here. We should all pray for these people and the unhinged people in power and those who support them in California.

It would drive me insane to pay taxes in a state that is struggling with dwindling resources and staggering debt, that makes these sort of damaging and wasteful decisions. They don’t care about these tormented individuals seeking these surgeries, but only about their own political agendas.


Just FYI, John’s Hopkins announced they’re resuming GAS surgery. And most of the medical community agrees with the practice.

It’s fine to have your own opinion, but it’s dishonest to represent it as a medical consensus when your stance is in opposition to most of the scientific and medical community.


Yes, McHugh is not taken seriously outside of conservative religious circles, and the author of the one of the studies he cites has called him out for misinterpreting it.


Yep. He’s been shown to be fundamentally dishonest as a researcher.


I didn’t state it was a medical consensus, I stated that it was the reason Johns-Hopkins had discontinued the practice, which is factually correct, even if they have since reversed their position again.


A lot of people who do change later regret it, and the suicide prevalence is awful.

I would encourage everyone to watch this interview of Walt Hayer:


There probably isn’t consensus in the medical community. Pressure to conform isn’t a consensus; it’s authoritarian culture.


And there are people who did not transition who want to die/have died as well. One would also say that the suicide rates are high because of the discrimination and harassment they face as well as their mental state.

There are also people who transitioned and felt a lot better, just like those who transitioned and felt worse.

Point is, we do not know how to address this issue medically besides transitioning, and even that is not effective.


A study has shown that after transitioning, suicide rates were the same as in the population at large when the person was supported by family and did not face discrimination in the community.


Could you link the study here


I think I was combining two that I read by accident. The study that specifically talks about family support and shows relatively normal mental health outcomes is about children.

Then there’s this one about adults:

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