California Gov Jerry Brown Signs Law Allowing People to Kill Their Family in Assisted Suicides

“California governor Jerry Brown signed into law yesterday a bill (SB 282) that allows any person to “aid, advise, and encourage” suicide under the state’s assisted suicide law.”

Assisted suicide passed into law in 2015 but this new law allows anyone to help including pharmaceutical companies I believe by supplying drugs and there is no felony involved. Prior to this law, i was a crime to assist.

THAT IS JUST SICK! So if we’re tired of old grandma and don’t want to be bothered with her anymore encourage her to end her pain and suffering. REALLY? So sick and sad. But if innocent life in the womb is not respected or protected than why is it so difficult to believe those who are useful or wanted or needed anymore are respected or protected. SO SO SICK!


This is a boon to anyone looking to get into the California real estate market sooner rather than later.

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Cynical much?:flushed:

I’m generally skeptical of Lifesitenews and this article makes me more skeptical

I just googled SB 282 California and doesn’t come close to what the OP article is claiming but has to do with uniforming prescription drug orders by physicians and physician groups.

Read for yourselves

Perhaps I’m missing something


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Thanks, Jim. I wil certainly read it befor expressing outrage.

You want to look at AB282, which amends Sec. 401 of the penal code to bring it into explicit alignment with provision 443.14 in AB15, the End of Life Option Act.

I read these 2 links and they seem pretty clear that to get drugs, physicians and others can now participate in getting the drugs, getting them ready to be administered without any crime as long as the person who is committing the suicide self administers which could be something as simple as pushing a button.

So pharmaceutical companies, physicians , family and others will be involved in helping end a life legally.

But that’s not the purpose of SB 282 as I read it.


Mandatory euthanasia is one way of reducing California’s housing shortage.

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It is not SB282, that is a mistake in the linked article. The bill that they are talking about is AB282.

Wow! First of all Madatory Euthanasia was not part of Obama Care. I dont think some of these people know what euthanasia is. But for others he clearly explained it and people we’re still for it.

That makes more sense.

So assisted suicide is already legal in California.

This bill would prohibit a person whose actions are compliant with the End of Life Option Act from being prosecuted for deliberately aiding, advising, or encouraging suicide.

There are bunch of ethical problems with this.

Eventually, family members will put loved one’s to death in order to protect their inheritance.


BTW just found this

California judge overturns End of Life Option Law

A California superior court judge on Tuesday state law that allows doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill adult patients.

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel A. Ottolia said The End of Life Option Act, which took effect June 9, 2016, was unconstitutional because the Legislature passed it during a special session convened by Gov. Jerry Brown to address health care-related issues.

Groups including the Life Legal Defense Foundation and the American Academy of Medical Ethics filed a lawsuit to overturn the law on the day it took effect. In a separate motion, they argued that medical aid in dying was not related to the stated purpose of the special legislative session that passed the act, explained Alexandra Snyder, executive director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation.


If you read the the End of Life Option Act, the requirement for allowing it are stiff. It must be the active and independent decision, affirmed over a waiting period. The key point in the new is to items already in the End of Life Option Act that the person supplying the drugs is not guilty of abetting suicide which is, outside of this Act, a major crime in California.

Never mind, the law was reinstated since

June 15, 2018: UPDATE

A California appeals court has reinstated the End of Life Option Act law, ruling that it can remain in effect, at least temporarily, while opponents’ legal challenges are considered. This means that terminally-ill Californians who meet specific requirements can once again legally obtain life-ending medications while the case works its way through the courts.

I think anyone without blind devotion to Obama knew mandatory euthanasia was in the ACA.

Did you mean “not”?

I love how the news cycle reports on how Governor Jerry Brown is going to fight the wildfires in California but nothing about him signing this amendment to change the penal code and broaden who can assist in suicide or euthanasia.

By this law you can get the pills, crush them, put them in applesauce on the spoon as long as the person puts the spoon in her mouth.

Or as Dr. Kevorkian did -, do an IV drip and set everything up including putting the IV needle into vein in arm, put the button in hand as long as the person can push the button, everything is legal.

No, not really fighting wildfires … except with water.

But not by removing flammable underbrush.

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