California governor declares drought emergency


SACRAMENTO — In what could become one of California’s biggest crises in years, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a statewide drought emergency Friday, an action that sets the stage for new state and federal efforts.
The governor also wants to focus Californians on the possibility of water shortages

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Cause is not “global warming” but a Pacific Decadal Oscillation and a weak to neutral and persistent La Niña pattern that some are calling “La Nada”. Bob Tisdale has a summary on the PDO situation and how it is also related to “the pause” in global warming. The ocean rules the climate system.

The paper Chylek et al describes the linkage of ocean cycles to climate of the southwestern USA.

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Models are showing that there will be a strong El Nino this winter which will cause a lot of rain and snow at the end of the year. But they are going to have a long, hot summer.


I’m starting to wonder if some of these coastal and Southern states should look into desalinization plants. I know they are expensive, but it would be worth taking a look at improving the technology.


That’d be excellent. However, desalinization plants require a lot of energy to convert seawater into steam. The People’s Republic of California would rather die of thirst than pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

We can’t even build new oil refinery in this country. Desalinization plants won’t fly with those Gaia worshippers. I am in the Arabian Peninsula right now. Our water comes from desalination plants. Gas flare up from oil wells are funneled to desalination plants instead of burning and releasing it into the atmosphere. Desalination plants are possible here because of cheap energy.


Praying for the people and farmers of California.


Droughts in California are nothing new. When I moved there in 1990, they were in the fifth year of a drought. The local reservoirs were all dry, the lawns were all dead, sing shorter songs signs were everywhere, and the eastern foothills were regularly on fire. When it finally started to rain it didn’t stop until the reservoirs were full, and wild flowers were everywhere. Then their economy collapsed, and they had another earth quake.

It’s a tough state, they’ll endure this. :wink:


**Yes, we are going to be in a whole lot of hurt this coming summer.
This is now going on the third drought since 1976 that Calif. is in
( although this is going to be the worst it’s looking like ), so you would
logically think that Calif. would be putting in desalinization
plants all along the coast since there is plenty of sea water every year.

BUT NO, the Gov. is bound and determined to spend millions and millions of dollars
building a stupid bullet train ( that is not essential ), and millions and millions more
money building two stupid giant tunnels to run water from Northern Calif. to Southern Calif.

Northern Calif. gets it’s fresh water from storing rain, and from the snow melt from the
Sierra Nevada Mountains all summer. What if it doesn’t rain/snow again say, for ten years ?
All the stupid tunnel would do is sit there dry, doing nothing. It does look like there will always be an ocean,
so you would think that all the big cities right along the coast would do the sure thing and make their own water.

Spend the money from the bullet train and the tunnel to help the big cities build desalinization plants.
( and Calif. produces oil and we do have areas were we would get more oil from fracking ) to power the plants.**


It’s amazing whether we see climatic events as natural or man made that the conversation always goes political, by right wingers as well as left wingers.

It’s almost as if some people want to blame hardships on the virtues (or lack of virtues) of a region, state, nation, or group of people.

While I grew used to this type of attitude from some famous tele-evangelists, it is disconcerting to hear from Catholics.

As only one poster commented, we should be praying, not condemning.


So, because I’m Catholic I can’t have an opinion ? ?
It’s kind of hard NOT to see things as political, when
those in charge are doing such stupid things that help no one.
And I don’t care which party is in office.


We need to be careful who we let the government “help”. Government involvement has often been a disaster.

It’s nice that Jerry Brown asks people to ration their water consumption. As someone already said, droughts happen in CA and it’s a way of life.

But I still think that California, Georgia, maybe even Florida and Texas, should look into investing in desalinization technology. :thumbsup:


=Neofight;11614958]It’s amazing whether we see climatic events as natural or man made that the conversation always goes political, by right wingers as well as left wingers.

We need new, more holistic models for monitoring climate change.

Politics has no place in science.


i live in the mountains of arizona. the last snow we had was december 21st and it wasn’t that much snow. today it is in the high 50’s in january!!! very unusual. we had a lot of precipitation last summer and fall so we might still be around the normal range for precipitation, but for how much longer i do not know. usually the weather systems in california pass through arizona. so if they don’t get moisture, neither do we.


**Sorry, by Gov. I meant the Governor. No matter, the only help I was talking about was to use the money being spent on two HUGE projects that we don’t need, and use that money to build salinization plants which we DO need.

Yes, Calif. does have cycles of drought, but Southern Calif is basically desert, and look at all the people that live there. When you put that many people in a desert with no local fresh water supply, and you have the ocean right next to you…**


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