California governor signs bill to let undocumented immigrants buy insurance

California makes New York look like a conservative state. Instead of trying to send them back, he rewards them.

If it is an private insurance scheme being proposed, then what does citizenship matter? This is a way to get users of the system to pay their fair share.
And undocumented get shot or otherwise end up in emergency, at least as much as the general population.

If it is an entitlement being paid for by taxpayers dollars, even the wealth of America will not be able to pay for the health care of the whole world. This will bankrupt California, even a state as great and powerful and rich as California.

Agreed. Only Trump and his supporters would see it any other way.

As a newbie Trump supporter, I don’t follow. :shrug:

Wait. What? Allowing someone to buy health insurance, something that I’d wager not many undocumented immigrants could afford (at least, quality insurance) is… rewarding them?

California is already bankrupt.

I see hypocrisy knows is not exclusive to liberals. For years I hear of complaints against how illegal immigrants drive up health care cost without paying anything in. Now, they can pay and this is considered a reward.

No, this will be passed onto the whole country. When California runs out of money, they will come crying to the Federal Government.

And what happens when they start receiving Federal subsidies? It’s over folks, this country is going down.

May seem that way for people who don’t live here but any a lot of wrong ideas about what California is or isn’t helps keep the undesirables out.

California doesn’t give much incentive for businesses.

This country was in trouble LONG before the current illegal immigration crisis occurred. Bloated pensions, inefficient defense spending, overzealous welfare spending…it all adds up. The entitlement mentality was here long before they were.

I fail to see what the problem with this is?

That might be possible if the failed state is Detroit, or even Michigan or Mississippi.
Bailing out one of the main engines of growth in America, which describes what California is, is something that would bankrupt America.

Judging by some of the responses on this thread, that does not appear to be the case.


Ha! :smiley: Oh, so, he let them buy insurance, did he? One of the most unpleasant things that Americans are obliged to do, and he let them. My God, as if undocumented people didn’t already have enough ulcer-inducing problems! I see this more as yet another insurance scam, than I do any kind of humanitarian act or gesture of good will. I suspect none of this makes much sense to people who don’t live in border states, but if you’re a Californian, then you know what a huge issue it is.

Illegals are also issued driver’s licenses, and they’re also “allowed” to get auto insurance. But that really isn’t working very well, unsurprisingly.

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