California high-speed rail plans stopped in tracks



What?! I was hoping they would flush 200 billion of our tax dollars on the train to nowhere.

:Tongue in cheek:


Trains are passé. Yesterday's news. I'm waiting for Elon Musk's Hyperloop, especially if he pays for it himself.


The country spends something like $40 billion a year on highways, and that’s just federal funding, not to mention all the state highway budgets and the local streets paid for by property taxes. I totally favor spending a fraction of that on more and better rail service. I don’t know whether the California project in particular is properly managed, but I definitely want an alternative to cars.


Good transportation here in Ca is important for me. I don't drive so I walk take bus or ride trains or ask my mom and friends for rides.


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Good transportation here in Ca is important for me. I don't drive so I walk take bus or ride trains or ask my mom and friends for rides.


I love public transit and use it often in LA. I wish we had a better rail system like Europe.

Unfortunately this train project is mismanaged and ill conceived.

To complete from SF to LA will cost 200 billion of which they have no funding for. The tickets will be too expensive for most people if it ever does get funded as a result if huge borrowing.

Further the first 5 billion currently set aside is only enough to go from Fresno to Hanford.


People driving from Los Angeles to San Frincisco is not the problem, aside from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The problem is driving from the suburbs to your work location. Aside from our ex governor who despite his green creditialed Humvee flew his private jet from Sacramento to Santa Monica every weekend ,a train does nothing for nobody. Especially since it has to stop in every politians district along the route to buy his vote is no longer high speed but just another train.

Now Neveda may want to cover the cost of a Vegas trip so they have more room at their airport for more flights. And that is about the only high speed nonstop route that makes any sense. But then you will be supporting gambling and strip clubs for a train.

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Ive always wondered when Im going to hear about the 'next big thing' when it comes to transportation, cars with internal combustion engines have been around for a very long time and with all respect, it is the year 2013, yet we still are driving the same basic type of vehicles, still have tires that go flat, still have breakdowns, etc.

Sure there are hybrids and even full electric vehicles, but not many, plus, they are very expensive, as to price most people out of the market for them, probably an attempt by big oil to keep their numbers as low as possible.

I keep expecting to hear of the next thing, but its just more of the same thing, year after year, decade after decade..!

I wouldve thought at least someone out there would be giving some alternative solutions, but Ive not heard any of these either yet..? Is this solely because the powers that be want to keep things as they are, for as long as possible, keep people hooked on oil? I just find it hard to believe, in our world today, with all the technology and progress, no one can come up with an alternative to internal combustion that could be widely accepted, implemented?

Most people (imo) probably would expect the picture below to best depict the average vehicle in the year 2013, but we are still quite a ways from this, until room temp superconductors are realized anyway.


High-speed rail during an earthquake would be a great thrill ride for Disneyland. The difference is that Disneyland rides pay for themselves.


I get that most of the country doesn't use trains as much, but here in CA it's a frequently used mode of transportation. I was really excited for the high-speed rail system.. it's a shame that they won't be completing it.


Last time I did research on high speed rail, there were only 2 lines in the entire world that turned a profit (i.e. paid for themselves as opposed to being yet another burden on taxpayers)


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