California: Lawsuit Over Regulation in Pornography

This is mind-boggling. The idea that something so shady and risky can be regulated is odd. Of course, the people who work in that industry had no idea that it was risky business. Further, they themselves have no personal “duty to combat an acknowledged epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases stemming from production of hardcore pornography.” :rolleyes:

"California: Lawsuit Over Regulation in Pornography

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, an advocacy group in Los Angeles, filed a lawsuit against county health officials, accusing them of failing to regulate condom use in the pornography industry to protect actors and actresses from contracting H.I.V. and other diseases. The lawsuit, filed in Superior Court, comes one month after a pornographic actress in Los Angeles said she had contracted H.I.V. Health officials have since released data showing 18 positive H.I.V. tests in the industry and thousands of other sexually transmitted disease infections since 2004. County officials should “require condom use in the production of pornography,” according to a statement released by the foundation, and have a “duty to combat an acknowledged epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases stemming from production of hardcore pornography” in Los Angeles. "


California is desperate to collect more tax revenue. Perhaps if California starts to regulate the porn industry, they can start collecting “fees”.

I am for regulation of the porn industry. Why should they be able to put people in a situation where they are likely to get an STD? I think this is a case where they should be forced to have on condoms. And there should be a tax on it because it encourages bad behavior. I also believe that any page with porn on it should have an .xxx domain so people can block it.

Who is “they” in “Why should they be able to put people in a situation?” Perhaps I am naive, but don’t people in the porn industry choose that “profession?” Also, maybe I am naive again, but I thought porn was an illegal industry and that trying to regulate anyone involved in it in any way would be impossible? It is such a shady, risky industry, that the idea of regulating it seems odd to me. Perhaps my ignorance is showng since I don’t really know anything at all about it.

There is “regulation” and then there is “regulation”.

I know of some state regulations, in which the written test is simply true and false question on the fees for the registration. Nothing on content or anything else.

They could issue “health certificates”.

Only legal entities get over-regulated. Legal guns get regulated, but not illegal guns.

Drug dealers don’t get regulated, but doctors and medical practitioners DO get over-regulated.

Etc, etc, etc.

The whole idea is so odd to me. I guess some porn is legal, that involving consenting adults? I guess, I don’t know. I know there is a business nearby that sells lingerie, toys and adult videos. I’m guessing “adult videos” means porn? There was a huge outcry to try to get them out of town, but so far they are still open. In order for them to stay in business, I guess the business must be legal, so some porn must be legal? So, I guess regulations can be mandated for the legal porn industry to try to protect those who are involved in it? Again, it is just so odd to consider regulating such a seamy industry.

Porn is not illegal due to Supreme Court rulings which made the definition of “obscenity” so nebulous that it’s impossible to prosecute.

I don’t see why producers of porn couldn’t be regulated – there are employee safety regs on regular movie sets.
Not to be funny, but you could liken porn actors to stunt persons who assume an increased risk – but stunts are regulated and they are provided with safety gear.

Good news/bad news – the porn industry is way down, but that’s because of competition from amateurs uploading their impossible-to-regulate work onto the net.

Hmmmm … helmets and seat belts … hmmm

hey … an idea … if you want to wipe out the porn industry, nationalize it. Can you IMAGINE … porn being produced by government bureaucrats … (s-n-o-r-e) ]


This is just so pathetic. How about a little common sense? You have sex with hundreds of people, you’re going to catch a disease. That’s all there is to it. :newidea:

Dr. Laura has referred to those folks with multiple sex partners as “human Petri dishes”.

Heheh… And Dr. Laura is always right. :thumbsup:

I really only have one major problem with what you said (and I really like the .xxx idea as well). I don’t think that they should be forced to wear condoms - in fact I would hope they don’t. As Catholics, don’t we believe in not using contraception?


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