California, New York raise minimum wage to $15


California, New York raise minimum wage to $15


Great news for Texas!


Haha…Both California and New York have seen an exodus of their residents in recent years. You would think that the results of the $15 minimum wage experiment in Seattle would be enough to make them think twice.


You have to think once first in order to think twice.


I could see taxes and inflation going up so much that this becomes irrelevant. As a New Yorker, I won’t complain about a raise in wage though.


Honestly, the minimum wage here does need to be raised. Right now, it just barely puts a person above the poverty line. And that’s if you are single and aren’t providing for anyone but yourself. If you have a family, you have no choice but to go on some sort of welfare program.


From what I’ve read, Seattle tried it and hasn’t had any significant job loss or inflation. Supposedly the economy is actually doing better. But I don’t live there so I can’t say whether that’s true or not.


It is true that the $9 minimum wage is hard to live on… even if you are single. Just for the rent of a small one bedroom apartment is like 80+% of your paycheck, without taxes. Food would take up whatever’s left.

That being said, most people who live alone likely aren’t making minimum wage, because then they likely wouldn’t be able to. Kind of a paradox actually.


And the GOP’s answer to an inadequate minimum wage . . .

Stop being so lazy! Just work MOAR!


Is there any evidence that raising the minimum wage affects the economy?


Don’t forget, we also have to slash welfare benefits too. Because otherwise people won’t work. Who cares if you’re working 90 hours a week and can still barely feed your kids. Poverty builds character!


[Puzder’s interest in an employee-free restaurant, which he says would be possible only if the company found time as Hardee’s works on its northeastern expansion, has been driven by rising minimum wages across the US.

“With government driving up the cost of labor, it’s driving down the number of jobs,” he says. “You’re going to see automation not just in airports and grocery stores, but in restaurants.”](“”)


Are you serious? Are you not aware of the number of service oriented jobs that were lost and how many of them moved outside of the city? Every time minimum wage increases, jobs decrease. That is a fact. It would be wonderful if a business could pay everyone $20 an hour but that isn’t realistic.


No, the answer is to do well in school so that one can obtain a job that isn’t the bare minimum. When I was in high school, no one considered a job at McDonalds as being something that a person was going to do for the rest of their life. It was a part-time job.

Do you honestly think that democrats insistence on raising the minimum wage is going to solve anything? It is a curious fact that those food-service workers who have received the mandated $15 want to work less hours because now their income is causing their government assistance to be cut back. Take your pick; you work 30 hours at $9 an hour or 12-15 at $15 an hour.


Not much, but people shouldn’t let facts get in the way of a good rant.


Why don’t you post the data and then we can intelligently discuss it. Two questions:

How many jobs did Seattle have before the minimum wage?
How many did they have after the increase?

Those are fairly simple questions for you to answer.


What happens to the people who had worked hard and moved to the equivalent if $15 an hour by actually puting in an effort? They EARNED those wage increases.


Alot of small businesses will now no longer be able to hire help. Seen it happen in my state and we don’t even have the law here. Also, if you were already getting 15 an hour you now get to tell your family you work for minimum wage.


Is increase based on inflation or anything objective,cost of living… ?
Are the rest of the salaries adapted accordingly?
I am asking because I do not know how minimum wage is habitually dealt with .



And the Democratic philosophy is charity begins in somebody else’s pocketbook . It’s always easy to be charitable with someone else’s money

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