California Passes Sweeping Gun Control Laws


In response to the Daesh affiliated shooting last year in San Bernardino, California’s legislature had passed several sweeping new gun laws, many of which were signed into law by Governor Brown today.

The new laws include: new limits on gun loaning to family members only without background checks; requiring an ID and background check to purchase ammo; placing all ammo purchases in a database; ban the sale or possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds; and most controversially I suspect, it also closes the so called “bullet button” loophole in California’s existing Assault Weapons ban. The latter covers a hole in the existing law that allowed semi-automatic weapons that met assault weapon criteria such as AR-15 and AK-47 semi-auto clones or Category III weapons, if they had the so-called bullet button. The button having met the existing law’s criteria of a “tool” for the changing of the magazine. Now any detachable magazine that is detachable without disassembling the receiver would appear to qualify these weapons as assault weapons and their sale would now be banned in California.

Several of the bills that were put before Brown were vetoed however included one requiring all stolen guns to be reported within 5 days; a bill limiting rifle sales to one per person per month; and requiring all home gun manufacturers to register their weapons with the state and have them serial stamped.


So, the response to acts of terrorism is to attack the rights of their own law abiding citizens.

Truly, a win for the terrorists.


Brown approved bills that would ban the sale of semiautomatic rifles equipped with bullet buttons allowing the ammunition magazines to be easily detached and replaced.

That might be a misprint. Not sure I understand. The button is part of the magazine ejection button, a added safeguard so it can’t be removed without the aid of a tool to slow down magazine change. How does it help eliminating it and adding 10 round magazines without?


Because now semi-auto’s with detachable magazines that that are Category 1, 2 or 3 weapons can’t be sold in California. AK clones, AR clones, and Category 3 weapons cannot be sold in California anymore. Before they could get around the Assault Weapon Ban, which had intended to ban those weapons, by having the bullet button as the existing law only required a “tool” to remove the magazine. The bullet button was considered a tool by the courts. Now the bullet button work around has been eliminated and you’ll need to have a fixed magazine on the weapon to make it legal for sale in California.


As padres said, it prevents residents of California from owing weapons available in most of the country.

I served in the military 23 years, I always thought it was to defend the rights and freedoms of Americans. I’m deeply saddened that my children and future generations will have fewer rights and freedoms than I did.

But it’s consistent with continuing attacks on religious freedoms, free speech, etc. etc.


So now California is safer than its neighbors right? No bad guys will break those laws! All gang members have now been stopped. No ammo no guns. No more drivebys.

Good job Cali, looks like you really understand the problems at hand!


What will ISIS do now? :rolleyes:


To be fair, the San Bernardino shooter would not have been able to obtain his weapon the way he did.


Right, he would have to drive across the state line instead, stolen the weapons, or purchased them from a criminal. Not much of an inconvenience when planning a terrorist attack.


No, truly a win for state’s rights and California. I say who ever doesn’t like it should just give me a call and I will volunteer my time to help them pack so they can move to another state!


Not safer than other states, just smarter…California’s business is California’s and there isn’t anything they can do to force other states…as it should be.

That’s why we choose not to live California and not Indiana.


I invite you to go to a gun store and tell the patrons that in person.


Is it acceptable if we never move there in the first place? Too many gangs with already-illegal automatic weapons to suit me.

I just quickly read through the provisions, and it does not appear to bar an M-1 Garand-type rifle. Granted, an M-1 only holds 8 rounds, but the magazine itself cannot be detached, and it’s not difficult to picture someone increasing its capacity. It’s extremely deadly and can be reloaded about as fast as an AR with a removable magazine. Loaded, it will shoot multiple rounds every bit as fast.

But it also seems that a lever-action carbine might be banned. But a rifle using .22 magnum shells would not be. There might be a significant lethality difference between a .22 magnum rimfire cartridge and an AR .223 center-fire cartridge, but I doubt there’s much difference.

And you have to do a background check on your own kid before loaning him your gun?

Oh well, it’s California. This is the kind of law criminals and terrorists would lobby for. Well, sellers of reloaders would like it too.


well, this was what was plastered outside the gun store I visited today. with a cop outside staking the place.


I’m not sure smarter is the adjective I’d use.

Ps nobody wants to live in Indiana. I’m so glad I don’t. But California is no example…


I feel safer already!


Really? What is the state deficit up to now? How’s that “train to nowhere” proceeding? Why are thousands of people leaving California everyday?

Smart is hardly the word to use when discussing California’s government.


So in other words, it just got harder for law abiding citizens to defend themselves.

I’ll bet the gangs, robbers and terrorists are going to reconsider getting guns now…:rolleyes:


Oh, is that why people who are leaving Illinois are moving to Indiana, among other places?

Even those that nice weather and those nice beaches aren’t enough to draw those people?


How do you figure a lever action carbine would be banned?

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