California Poll on Marriage

Assuming the California Supreme Court upholds the new amendment to their constitution, we are going to see referenda on the issue of marriage showing up on the ballot for a while to come.

Today, Field issued a new poll on Californian’s preferences on marriage, civil unions, etc. The numbers have not shifted much compared to a year ago: the vast majority approving the extension of legal privileges to one’s partner regardless of them being the of the same or opposite sex; a majority still opposed to recognizing marriage between two persons of the same sex (see Table 3).

When you take civil unions out of the question and just ask a straight up and down question on whether persons of the same sex should be allowed to marry it gets even tighter though (yes:48, no:47, undecided:5).



ahem yes, that would be important wouldn’t it? :o

Field Poll can be seen here (pdf)

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This baffles me:
Catholics 45%-allow same sex marriage, 53%-marriage is between man and woman only, 2% - on opinion

Maybe the 45% just call themselves Catholic :hypno:…don’t they know that marriage can only be between a man and woman? If you’re Catholic marriage can exist no other way.

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