California Poll Supports Gay Marriage

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - More California voters now support allowing same-sex marriage than oppose it, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

The poll found that 51 percent of respondents backed legalizing same- sex marriage and 42 percent opposed it, DiCamillo said.

  • kathie :bowdown:

This is great news. :thumbsup: :cool:

This probably means that nothing will change. The ruling will come into force and if that ballot measure actually makes it to the ballot (still up in the air) it would probably not pass anyways. :cool: :thumbsup:

This one has slightly larger support for the ban!

I cannot believe you are a Catholic. As a Catholic, I think this is terrible news - California will have chosen to mock a sacrament given by God. :frowning:

I can only hope for full scale repentance or the chastisement promised at Fatima, Akita, and others. May God have mercy on us for our scoffing at his intentions for humanity.

We’ve actually been discussing the merits of the two major polls out so far over on the big thread starting here.

The subject of that thread was the California Supreme Court decision. It has wandered from its topic.

  • kathie :bowdown:

In the U.S. and perhaps in Europe people believe in lliberal views on the Catholic Doctrine but in Asia the majority subscribe to conventional views and the support given to Gay marriages is unthinkable and cannot be accepted.St Paul categorically asserts that Sex between two men or women cannot be accepted and it is very difficult to imagine people who believe in scripture can condone Homosexuality and Gay mariages.People who support Gay Mariages have chosen the path of evil laid out by Satan.There is no possibility of a compromise here.

I will wait to see if this poll is valid. A newspaper in California just had a similar phone poll, likewise going to about 1,000 people, and the majority polled were against gay “marriage.” And a few years ago more than 60% were responsible for the California law that made gay “marriage” illegal (the law the court just nullified). So perhaps this poll isn’t accurate. If it is, we should start praying for the people in California. And If the situation continues to worsen, gay advocates will seek to use the law to go after Christians more and more.

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