California power grid urges consumers to conserve energy in heat wave


Boutique power insufficient.


Power companies must be the only companies in existence that would prefer you use less of their product…


Actually, they are unable to get approvals for new non-boutique generators or for rate increases.

They were forced to shut down their nukes.


California is also running out of natural gas.

Southern California Gas cautioned on May 8 that pipeline outages and restrictions on the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility could reduce its ability to deliver natural gas this year to a level even lower than California state regulators and others have predicted.

On May 7, regulators, power companies and grid operators issued a technical report warning of a “moderate threat” to gas and electric reliability this summer and a “more serious threat” next winter.

“We remain concerned that some of the assumptions made in the technical assessment are overly optimistic,” SoCalGas spokesman Chris Gilbride said in an email. SoCalGas is a unit of California energy company Sempra Energy.

The SoCalGas system has been operating at less than full capacity because of the pipeline outages and restrictions on the use of Aliso Canyon, the utility’s biggest storage field, which suffered a devastating leak between Oct. 2015 and Feb. 2016.

The potential for additional [pipeline] outages means that the situation may be getting worse, not better,” the Aliso Canyon Technical Assessment Group said in a report released May 7, noting SoCalGas avoided serious problems last winter due to unusually warm weather.

With so many pipeline outages, it will be difficult for SoCalGas to fill storage to a level sufficient to ensure energy reliability throughout the coming winter,” the group said.

Gilbride said that “service reductions or interruptions to electric generators may be necessary this summer and withdrawals from Aliso Canyon may be required to prevent more extensive customer outages.”


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