California Prop 8 supporters targeted

I am not sure if this belongs in News, but it was news to me. I found mention of it on my local newspaper blog.

It’s called Prop 8 Maps and claims “Proposition 8 changed the California state constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. These are the people who donated in order to pass it.

See it here:

I know this is already publicly available information. However, putting it into this easy to digest format seems to me to be encouraging “retribution” against neighbors.

It certainly would make me think twice about donating to any cause where my name and address could be used in this fashion.

One more reason to give via the church.

It is an interesting phenomena. I wonder how safe people are going to feel when, say, Neo-Nazis are going to start mapping similar sites of people with this or that sexual proclivity, or who are Jewish or what have you?

I think this is definitely creepy and a good reason to consider making donation information private.

This is actually a great thing. The suffering by the people on the list will help expose the tyrrany of the left. It will hurt their cause. And those who wanted to do financial penance for a good cause will now have an opportunity to do other types of penance when they are harassed. This will be good for their souls.

We should thank God for this! (Easy to say when I’m not on the list, … I know… )

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