California schoolbooks going digital

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced plans to phase out school textbooks in favor of digital learning aids as the state looks to plug its massive budget hole.

The measure – dubbed the Digital Textbook Initiative – will see California schoolchildren ditch “outdated” traditional maths and science textbooks for digital versions later this year, Schwarzenegger said.

With the average price of a school textbook coming in it around 100 dollars, Schwarzenegger said initial savings from the plan would be between 300-400 million dollars. If the scheme was widened to cover more subjects, hundreds of millions more would be trimmed from the annual budget, he said.

Since CA dictates textbook content around the nation, will it dictate this also?

Then the next step would be to digitize the class and eliminate buildings and teachers.

This would be excellent. I always went online to find PDF versions of any classic literature I had to read for class, because when you’re writing a paper and you want that certain quote, a text search on the computer does wonders. Having digital copies of text books as well would be incredibly useful.

i agree. there are some logistical concerns-do you give a studnet 2 copies, do they take software/hardware home and such stuff, but if they work that out i think this could be a big trend. about time california put out a good one.

That will never happen. The government is not too fond of home-schoolers. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont know if they could find a way to mandate all the circulium then maybe. the real reason it wont happen is the teachers union. that is an overly powerful group that has shown it cares more about paychecks than education. even if it would help students they will fight anything that means fewer teachers.

I know, I was attempting to be facetious. :o

ahh, sorry. tone is hard to get on the internet, the smileies should have been my first clue.

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