California Schools Prepare For Transgender Rights Law


[LEFT]With a law that spells out the rights of transgender students in grades K-12 set to take effect in California, school districts are reviewing locker room layouts, scheduling sensitivity training for coaches, assessing who will sleep where during overnight field trips and reconsidering senior portrait dress codes.
But administrators, counselors, teachers and school board members also are watching and waiting. The law, the nation’s first requiring public schools to let children use sex-segregated facilities and participate in the gender-specific activities of their choice, could end up suspended within days of its Jan. 1 launch if a referendum to repeal it qualifies for the November ballot.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]o obtain a public vote on the law, passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, a coalition of conservative groups called Privacy for All Students has collected hundreds of thousands of signatures. Counties have until Jan. 8 to verify them through random spot-checking.
Depending on how many are found to be valid, the secretary of state will approve the referendum, determine that it failed or order a review of every signature.
“We don’t know what’s going to happen when kids come back from their holiday vacation,” said Republican state Sen. Steve Knight, who voted against the law. “Are there going to be 15-year-old girls talking in the bathroom and in walks a boy? What are they going to do? Scream? Run out?”[/LEFT]


Let us pray this does not come to full fruition.


This whole thing is just stupid. They need boys/girls restrooms only. IF we must resort to unisex toilets then put one on each floor and let those so inclined use them, but let’s not make everyone submit to this. And when you are using a public restroom get in and get out. Don’t use it as a meeting center.

What has ever happened to a sense of modesty and privacy in this country?


Here is a thought for those who don’t want to use these restrooms: Have parents write their child a note giving them permission to go to the nurses office to use the restroom or requesting that they use the staff restrooms instead. If they don’t get permission have the parents give permission to send the kid home if in walking distance.

If all the kids in all the schools did this it just might hold things off until a public vote. It is called Civil Disobedience.


IANAL but the new law seems vague, and doesn’t address some important practical issues. Particularly, it doesn’t define “gender identity” or how a student establishes his or her identity.

When I first read the objection of State Sen Steve Knight, I figured it was simply political hyperbole. But in the absence of such details, I think the law will be applied in a willy-nilly manner, with each school or school district working out its own policy on the fly, as situations develop.

Here is the text of the bill as chaptered (i.e. after it passed the House and Senate and was signed into law by the governor.)


Just more California Mess. Hope it doesn’t move next door to us.


That sounds expensive for a school system that is nearly broke in many counties.


Good grief!

Our Father,who art in heaven,hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come,thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven
give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us
and lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil. Amen. :gopray:


Somebody on CAF (wish I could remember so I could credit them) suggested having a psychologist’s note required and given to the school so they’d know who was medically certified as transgender and who wasn’t. I think even something as simple as that would solve a whole lot of worries people have over the law.


Like a note from your doctor makes it ok? We are no longer the Golden State; we are tarnished, rusted and full of holes where God should be.


The main concern I see raised over and over is how men are suddenly going to flood the women’s restroom. I guarantee you no self-respecting man is going to attend a psychologist and get a letter saying he’s transgender just to step into a girl’s restroom.



Add the fact that coming out as transgender, perhaps especially for a teenager, usually equals social suicide; losing friends, in some cases family, and very possibly becoming a bullying, or even violence, rape or murder, victim. I don’t think anyone would subject themselves to that just for a peek inside a restroom.

And I definitely doubt that anyone, on top of that, would subject themselves to rigorous examination by a gender specialist, receive a diagnosis and start social (and in the case of older students, hormonal replacement therapy or puberty delaying medication) transitioning, and hence have their medical history permanently “stained”, in addition to their social image, for a peek at a pair of stall-closeted feet.

I’d expect (or recommend, if I were in a position to do so) schools to require a therapist’s note, in addition to gender-appropriate clothing, though. If nothing else, than to save those one-in-a-million geniuses who didn’t think their “strategy” through before acting, from themselves. I doubt they’re a hazard to anyone else.

Happy new year to everyone, by the way :slight_smile:


Go figure! They can’t find money to pay teachers, buy supplies for students, decrease classroom size, but they can find it to remodel the toilets so those who identify as a gender other than their physically apparent gender can be more comfortable using the toilet.

As I suggested earlier, it is time for a very large show of civil disobedience. If I had a child he/she would be going to the school office or nurse every time they had to do so much as blow their nose in private, let alone take care of any other business.

What I want to know, is how does anyone really know about a persons gender preference unless they are the one announcing it?


It’s not the self-respecting man we are worried about. It’s the psychologically unstable who will have permission, a doctor’s note and even be encouraged and protected by the law in this liberal social experiment at children’s expense that we are worried about.

Further, no self-respecting man 20 years ago would have said of homosexuality that “there’s nothing wrong with that”. The fact that the tendency/inclination “is objectively disordered” was still obvious to most people and the only question was how to justly deal with those suffering with it. Now look at us.


I’d hardly call it a social experiment. These kids initiate all of this by themselves, usually with no input from their parents. Considering I was in the LGBT community for quite a long time (celibate lesbian now), I have a lot of experience with parents of transgender kids as well as transgender adults themselves. While the Church does not alter gender on baptismal certificates and currently bars transgender individuals from the Sacraments of Vocation, there is no doctrine on the issue, and as long as you understand that the surgery itself is extraordinarily superficial and does not change anything, we are free as Catholics to believe however we want on the theological legitimacy of someone being born with the wrong genitalia. Frankly, medical evidence so far has corroborated this argument, as brain scans of transgender individuals have been shown to include brain structures and sizing in the ranges of their identified gender, not their birth gender.

I have no problem with transgender kids using the other restroom, provided they have a psychologist’s note explaining the situation on record at the school. I’m not okay with the locker room provision or the sports team provision, but I have absolutely zero problem with the restroom provision.


Realistically, how many girls are going to use the boys bathroom once they hit puberty, regardless of how they identify? Teen boys aren’t known for their maturity and sexual harassment/assault is a real possibility for a girl caught alone in the boys bathroom.


I’ve wondered about that; I won’t lie. At younger ages it doesn’t really matter, but by late middle school and high school, wouldn’t she have a high enough level of reason that she’d be able to know whether or not she’s at risk at that particular school? And there’s always staff restrooms too. Sexual assault is already such a prevalent issue in high schools; I don’t know that restroom availability would increase it, especially considering how public they are. As for sexual harassment, if she’s willing to go to such lengths to use the guys’ restrooms, including putting up with that, wouldn’t that indicate her level of seriousness about the condition?

But I admit, it’s a very tricky issue. And I think it’s absolutely unsolvable for locker rooms, absent allowing them to change in the staff restrooms or something.


There is something surreal about a society where even taking a dump has become so impossibly complicated.

This is not rocket science people!


You just explained why it is extremely important for male-to-female transsexuals to be able to use either a separate restroom (preferably accessible to only one person at a time), or the women’s one. One thing is the psychological aspect - for a transgender person, using one’s birth sex restroom feels just as creepy as using the opposite bathroom does for anyone else. But the safety aspect is the most important reason; I don’t think people here understand how dangerous it is for an MtF transsexual to enter a men’s restroom.

As to FtM transsexuals using the men’s restroom, you do raise a valid point. But for some people, the risk is worth taking for emotional reasons. And the risk is, if what I’ve heard is correct, lower. Some men seem to feel that an MtF transsexual somehow challenges their masculinity, which could explain some of the actions they take, and perhaps also why the police don’t seem to make those cases priority. People going the other way aren’t seen as threatening in the same way, for some reason. I guess it ties in with the fact that modern society sees tomboys as “cute”, while feminine men are looked down on.

In any case, I wish people could see past their ideology for a second, and realize that this isn’t a stunt to further some agenda. This is about safety, for a group of people who are suffering in a way other people can’t even begin to comprehend. Being allowed to use the correct restroom (as in, the one that matches your identity and external appearance) is a way to protect those people from having rape added to that suffering. They should have people’s compassion, but instead, they’re painted as enemies of society by the very people who have an obligation to show compassion. People should be ashamed.

Exactly. If you look like a woman and are one mentally, you use the women’s restroom, and the other way around. If your genitals don’t match, you don’t flash them around (also known as using a stall). This is how it works in most countries, but for some reason, simple things like this are blown out of proportions in the States. A law shouldn’t even be necessary, but given people’s attitudes, I’m starting to realize why it is.


The problem with this law isn’t insomuch the restrooms as it is the locker rooms and sports eligibility though. For locker rooms, the nudity involved therein should mean that no pre-surgical transgender individual (and no individual, period, for that matter) should be able to use any locker room not matching their genitalia. If you have to use a faculty restroom to change for PE, that’s fine, but imagine the discomfort a transgender person would inflict changing in a locker room.

Secondly, as regards to the eligibility, why should a person whose hormones give them an absolute, distinct advantage over the opposite sex be allowed to play on their sports team if there are sports teams of both genders? Even the Olympics require a minimum of 2 years of hormone treatment post-surgically.

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