California snowpack exceeds average for first time in years


California snowpack exceeds average for first time in years


Wish I still lived there (and was young enough). I always took Thursday off from the hospital to go skiing. Miss it.


That is good news, however, we have been put on notice that just because it is going to rain and snow like crazy for the new few months, the drought will not be over,and we will continue to pay more for our water, because we conserved so much during the dry months that the water company did not make enough money off of us. :mad:


that is terrible they would do that.

I heard Glen Beck talking on his show one morning about his recent water bill of $6, 000!!! I hope yours won’t be that high.

He is sures his was a mistake, but proving it is another story!

On the other hand it seems California is not suffering from global warming.


Yeah it really is a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. Use all the water up, we have no more, don’t use enough, they have to jack rates up to stay in business. Gotta love de-regulation of necessary utilities :rolleyes:

Plus side for me in San Diego is that we’re now making our own water out of sea water and soon out of our own waste water too which is putting a big dent in what we need to import (and thus how dependent we are on the Sierra and Rocky Mountain snow pack).


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