California Supreme Court blocks measure to divide state in three from ballot

The California Supreme Court blocked Wednesday an initiative to split the state into three amid questions about whether the measure violates the state constitution.

The Cal 3 proposal qualified for the ballot in June, but opponents have argued that dividing the state into three separate states cannot be accomplished with an initiative and would require a two-thirds vote of the state legislature…

That is too bad!

It looks in part to be a problem of process. Not that I am wishing for it to happen, but those that were really trying to make it happen will have to invest some effort into getting the required foundational changes in place first.

No offense, but I must disagree. Do we really want six senators from a split up California? Better to merge California, Oregon and Washington so they all get two senators instead of six.

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but that would be highly unlikely.

it would be nice for some living in the state now to have a chance of not living
under a liberal umbrella without having to

Oh, I know it won’t happen, but it’s fun to think about.

But if California was divided into three states, why do think any of them would be any different from what the state as a whole is now?

I have heard Eastern parts of California, away from San Diego, LA and San Francisco where there are more agricultural
areas tend to be more on the conservative

I was glad to hear this news. No need to mess with perfection! :grin:


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I don’t know California law but this seems like a rare justified interference in the political process by courts of California.

Trust me here 7_Sorrows, not dividing California into THAT VERSION is a good thing.

You are correct, basically the whole coast is extremely Liberal, while the rest of the state is Conservative, with most of the population living along the coast. With that massive Liberal population, they control the state. The way Cali would have been split into three states in that version, all the largest coastal cities would have been included into the three new states. Northern Cali. would have included San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Sacramento, Southern Cali. would include San Diego and all the agriculture areas in the middle of the state where most of the migrant workers who usually vote Democratic live. California would have included the rest of the coast from the Monterey Bay area down to, and including, the whole Los Angeles area.

So, instead of the super Liberal Cali. with two senators and numerous House Representative members, you would get two more Super Liberal states with four more Liberal senators and numerous more Liberal House members.

The people who live in other areas of the state besides the coast who have no representation now, would still not have any representation. The coast has nothing in common with the jobs, way of life, needs and life style of those of us that don’t live in the large coastal cities. Just look at one thing, weather. The coast weather doesn’t change much between winter and summer, ( It’s normally between 60-80 degrees ), so they aren’t running their heaters or air conditioners that much. But Cali. has Death Valley as well as the very tall, snow covered Sierra Mountains. You bet the people that live anywhere besides the coast run their heat or air conditioners. But we are all paying what the more numerous coastal elected sets. ( Remember, setting a higher price to use something they rarely use won’t really affect them much ).

Two more of the SAME California would be :scream: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

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