California Woman Gives Birth to Octuplets

A woman in Southern California gave birth to eight babies – six boys and two girls ranging in weight from 1 lb., 8 oz. to 3 lbs., 4 oz., and delivered within five minutes by Caesarean section on Monday, reports CNN.

The mother, whose name is being withheld at her request, is the second person so far known to have given birth to living octuplets.

As of Tuesday morning, all eight arrivals were doing well, their doctors at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, Calif., said on the Today show. Initially, three of the octuplets, who were nine weeks premature, required help breathing.

The eight of them will spend about two months in an incubator, the hospital said, but the mother, who plans to breast-feed all her children, will be able to leave hospital in one week.

“It was a truly amazing delivery,” said Dr. Karen Maples, chief of the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department, who also said that only seven babies were originally expected.

In 1998, a Nigerian-born woman in Texas gave birth to octuplets, seven of whom survived. One of the babies was born on Dec. 8, 1998, the others 12 days later.,20255236,00.html

A remarkable story. And she says she’s going to breast feed them. How can she do that? Is it possible for a woman to have that much milk? Anybody out there know? Roanoker

I know women with twins who’ve had difficulty feeding both.

She doesn’t have to breastfeed them fulltime. She can let each one have a breastfeeding time and seven bottle times each day for example. Or some other arrangement.

Did anybody see the segment on the Today show about this? Meredith Vieria (sp?) interviewed some fertility doctor and there was a huge, huge push for selective reduction in cases like this. They even went as far as to imply that it’s “irresponsible” for a doctor to allow a multiple pregnancy go this far. :mad:

Absolutely disgusting. The days of doctors forcing abortions on their patients are here, don’t anybody kid yourself.

Didn’t see the tv segment but I’ve heard that before.You know, once you start playing with nature: fertlity drugs,IVF,etc. it’s a slippery slope.

Is this proof that man evolved from other animals? How else would the genes for an octopus be inside this couple?

Neil, you’re warped. :o

Assuming she was using fertility drugs, the woman should have been monitored so that she wouldn’t become pregnant with 8 babies. It’s dangerous both to the woman and the children.

However, the comments I saw from some doctors were just chilling. From the LA Times:

If patients choose to proceed with the treatment – even facing the potential of a large number of eggs being released – they can later abort some of the embryos if a higher-order pregnancy occurs. Many patients dislike this practice, called selective reduction, said Dr. Harold Henry, director of maternal-fetal medicine at Kaiser Permanente. Some have religious or ethical objections to aborting any of the fetuses; others don’t want to risk losing the entire pregnancy.

I personally dislike many medical procedures. I dislike being poked for a blood test. I dislike having a mammogram. But saying that some patients “dislike” killing some of their children removes all meaning from the word.

The thing that’s scary is they make it sound like the women who “dislike” this “procedure” are in the nutty minority, which leads one to believe that most women opt for the selective reduction…aka abortion aka murder.

This is truly startling! It makes me wonder what kind of women undergo these treatments? Are most of them “pro-choice” in the first place or are there pro-life women finding themselves in this position that give in under enormous pressure or manage to justify it in their minds?

Lord, have mercy on us!

This woman most likely took fertility drugs. If it had been IVF the RE would not have implanted 8 embryos. It is not against church teaching to take fertility drugs. There is nothing pro-abortion about it. This woman made the decision I would make. Yes, there are risks with multiples, but how could you choose which babies live and which die? I would have faith in God and modern medicine to take care of my children and I.

[SIGN]:rotfl: [/SIGN]

Let me be clear, I’m not saying anything about using fertility drugs. I know they are allowed by the Church. What I’m wondering is who are these women winding up in this situation? Because it seems like most women who wind up with a multiples pregnancy opt for selective reduction, if you listen to the fertility doctors. So my question is were these women already pro-choice anyway, or is there enormous pressure and manipulation pushing otherwise pro-life women to abort?

The women I know who’ve had multiples were people who just couldn’t have a selective reduction. My mom’s friend(who is actually a pro-choice liberal) found out she was expecting triplets and said she couldn’t imagine aborting any of her children. She was so thankful for each one of them. She was willing take any risks. For me, the pain of having a selective reduction would be worse than a difficult pregnancy.

I pray for their health. Given their low birth weights and difficulty breathing, they are seemingly at increased risk of dying. But I pray that doesn’t happen :thumbsup:

I heard on the radio that she is a young(20’s?) single mother of 6 children who likely took fertility drugs so now she has 14 children. She lives with her mom and dad.

It seems there is more to the story.

Weirder & weirder…

It raises the question of when should fertility drugs be given and is it OK for anyone to get them.

The picture in our newspaper shows the last family(Udobi) in 1998 that had eight children (7 survived). The mom,dad, grandmother and the children looking very well cared. The children are now 10 but mom in 2009 is only 29 so what age did she start taking these fertility pills (17,18) and why at such a young age?

The Chukwu / Uwobi family moved to a new 5,200 square-foot home in League City, Texas, in September 1999, which was donated to them by the Fannie Mae Mortgage Company. The house has six bedrooms and is located on a cul-de-sac in a quiet area about 15 minutes from the hospital where the octuplets were born…

The family currently lives in a four-bedroom house, but a Texas woman asks Congress corporate donors to help them buy a new house and a van. More companies are donating goods and services to the family. A neighborhood grocery store is to provide a $ 100 gift card for each week in 1999. More Information

On the tv morning news it sounded as though IVF was used.What are these folks thinking?:shrug:

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