California Woman Gives Birth to Octuplets

Wow. I thought fertility specialists only implant three or four embryos. I know most of the other high multiples are the result of just fertility drugs.

This is WAY past irresponsible. Who do you suppose is going to pay to raise these kids?

The term “over Achiever” comes to mind.:smiley:

Pray for these little ones, and ask God to bless this family. :gopray:

I read an article this morning that said her husband is fighting in Iraq.

Sooooooo, contrary to all of the speculation yesterday about a poor, young, single mother with more kids she could handle who got pregnant with 8 babies on purpose so she could milk welfare isn’t the case after all…

Boy, people should really reserve judgement until they hear ALL the story. :rolleyes:

Whatever the situation is, I like babies. The only personal judgement I pass is that this young woman is ambitious, and blessed with a lot of little cuties.:thumbsup:

BTW, I should have clarified, I wasn’t talking about anybody here passing judgement, I was referring to some really nasty news articles I read yesterday and quite a few replies that came after them.

I just think it is awful that this woman implanted EIGHT embryos! This isn’t like that Kate who had six babies as a result of fertility drugs. This woman chose to implant eight embryos. That is extremely dangerous.

Good points. We depend too much on what tv represents as the facts but they did over & over again this morning state she was a single mom so it’s hard to blame folks for believing that.
They also stated that the doctors implanted eight embryos, which sounds like IVF.
Guess the real facts will sort themselves out eventually.They usually do.

I have to wonder if they got that part wrong too, or just made a guess? It makes more sense that she would have used fertility drugs.

Actually, it’s her father (the babies’ grandfather) who is headed back to Iraq as a contractor, in order to support the family.He’s a former Iraqi military officer.

The mother was not merely taking fertility drugs, she had embryos implanted.

Now, I know that I shouldn’t judge. But I can’t help but wonder WHY a family with six children (and a family that filed for bankruptcy a year ago, to boot) would be seeking such fertility treatment? Maybe with the current popularity of shows like “Jon a nd Kate Plus 8” and the Duggars, they thought they could cash in on that. I have three blessed children, gifts from God, and never have I looked at them and thought, “I deserve more”. I do not understand the mentality that actively seeks to conceive more and more children. I DO understand being open to life and accepting the gifts God gives us, but when you turn to fertility treatments–when you already have children–you’re telling God, “You didn’t give me enough, I want more.” Just as when we use artificial birth control or abort, one is telling God, “No, I don’t want that!”

I will pray that these babies are healthy–because they do not deserve to suffer–but if this family is touted as a pro-life example that’s sickening. Preterm multiples are always at risk for health issues, and actively seeking fertility treatments such as embryo implantation raises the risk of preterm multiples. That’s not being pro-life, that’s being greedy.

With IVF the most babies a woman usually gets pregnant with are triplets. Three or four embryos is usually the max that a fertility clinic will implant. Higher multiples are usually the result of heavy duty fertility drugs.

I read an article in which the grandmother of the octuplets was quoted as saying the mom had eight embryos implanted and “they all happened to ‘take’”. I find that mindboggling.

And I think heavy duty fertility drugs would also, in the face of having been given six children by God, be a slap in the face to God. “God, you didn’t give me enough children!”

The article also quoted the father of the octuplet’s mom as saying they have a “large house far away” where “you will never find us.” Which makes me wonder…are they trying to start a cult? Why would this woman go in for fertility treatments when she had six kids? Large house where you’ll never find us? Sounds like a compound.

I just heard on the nightly news (NBC) that she already has 6 children under age 7, of those 6 there is a set of twins.
I can not understand why a woman who apparently is quite fertile, or if not, her procedures worked well in the past, (as we don’t know either if all the children are fertility babies), would opt for such a procedure.
I am 150% pro-life, but in this case, I really think it is irresponsible to their newborns and the six babies at home.

originally posted by rick43235
This is WAY past irresponsible. Who do you suppose is going to pay to raise these kids?

We have probably paid for the first 6 but she will probably get a media coverage deal to pay for the octuplets.

The 1st couple to have 8 received a free house from Fannie Mae.

My issue with this is why are they given fertility treatments to 17 years old(1st set of octuplets) or to a single mom of 6 children under age 7? Welfare or medicaid probably paid for fertility or invitro and how many times have they paid for this in the past. This is abuse of taxpayers and their earned tax dollars.

It is very difficult to tell our daughters to save, wait for marriage to have a 'family and see them struggle with this unhappiness and then go happy over a single mom or a 17 year married mom who do things that we frown on and tell our children never to do.

Very well said.
This just proves that the Church’s teaching on sexual morality and
against artificial reproduction are again correct.
Children should only be conceived during the marital act of a married man and woman-period. I read of one country in Europe(can’t remember now which one) which drastically restricts fertilty treatments to a married man and woman only, and only using the gametes of the married couple. That means no single women, no donor eggs or sperm- hence no 70 year old mothers, no surrogates. And only implanting two embroyos at a time. Much much better than our “free for all” here.
Indeed- why would one want to have all these children out of wedlock-DELIBERATLY?! makes no sense! this woman wasn’t even infertile obviously- why would she even need fertility treatments-and what doctor would give her those?

Yes, exactly.
I saw on another blog for people calling to force a hystorectomy or sterilization on her immediately, and saying she should have been responsible and aborted most of them, when she saw she was having eight.

The mother is single. ALL of her children have been through IVF, with a sperm donor (the same they say). …
Read the article.

I think the problem here isn’t lack of government, but too much. Government assistence enabled this sort of behavior. I think it’s scary to have European style laws that go way too far into private medical decisions. This has crippled most fertility treatments there, and people from all over come to the U.S. because of the lower costs and effectiveness. Who is the government anyway to decide who is “fit” to have children. As long as taxpayers don’t have to pay for it, it’s really no one else’s business. It’s a silppery slope when not too long ago we had forced sterilization.

I agree the government shouldn’t be deciding who and who is not to fit to have children-Of course not!. But I think the Church’s teaching against IVF and artificial insemination is so correct every time something like this happens, and I wish these practices were not available. The Church warns against abuses of artificial procedures in Donum Vitae.
Doctors should also be able to turn someone like her down, as well- she wasn’t even infertile!

I agree that doctors should be able to turn patients down if they don’t find a procedure to be the correct path. What I don’t think is realistic is outlawing fertility treatments. As long as doctors and patients are allowed to make decisions according to their conscious the government should stay out of it. Laws in the US are not based on Papal documents. The one exception is selective reduction because that intentionally kills children. It violates the rights of another, but outlawing artificial insemination of lesbians really crosses church/state lines. I also realize it’s none of my business.

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