Californian’s ballot initiative would require legislators to wear logos of top 10 contributors



Brilliant. Love it.


I suggested this years ago, but it is such a good idea that I will not claim credit for it. When I first proposed it, Bill Clinton would have had a Chinese flag on his lapel.

I have also proposed that Congress be paid according to how well they wrote our tax code, even if that would conflict with minimum wage laws.


I love this. Even when it fails, it serves as a reminder that our democracy is more illusion than reality.


It has my vote. :slight_smile:

This year is shaping up to beone that will allow me to do something that I haven’t done in a long time: vote with a smile on my face.:slight_smile:


How often do they need to be updated? Daily? At elections only?

And how do you enforce it? Fines? To be paid by their contributors?


Yes please! How about US senators and congress-folk as well, as well as the president, etc?


Enforcing it would be simple. If they don’t meet the requirement, they don’t get paid.


Here’s link with photos:


When I first saw this, I thought the idea was absurd. Then, in about 5 minutes, I realized it was a great idea! Glad the proposal includes unions as well as businesses.


great idea, but the energy industries would NEVER EVER allow this to pass, if the average Joe on the street was able to see whose pocket a particular lawmaker is in, the whole system would crumble.


Some companies might enjoy the free advertising. :wink:


True. Might become a bit of an incentive hey? And maybe even a bit of prestige in being allowed to wear a certain environmental logo. A bit of bending and swaying to get the ones that look best. To get the ones that best coordinate with the rest of the outfit.


I love this. Even when it fails, it serves as a reminder that our democracy is more illusion than reality.

I know times may be depressing and disillusioning now, but I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss democracy just yet, for instance although our individual impacts on on national and perhaps at times state government can seem negligible but each of us can have great impacts on local entities such as school boards, city councils and regional governments such as counties. :o


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