California's Proposition 71 Failure

Investors Business Daily:

California’s Proposition 71 Failure

Five years after a budget-busting $3 billion was allocated to embryonic stem cell research, there have been no cures, no therapies and little progress. So supporters are embracing research they once opposed. California’s Proposition 71 was intended to create a $3 billion West Coast counterpart to the National Institutes of Health, empowered to go where the NIH could not — either because of federal policy or funding restraints on biomedical research centered on human embryonic stem cells.

Five years later, ESCR has failed to deliver and backers of Prop 71 are admitting failure. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the state agency created to, as some have put it, restore science to its rightful place, is diverting funds from ESCR to research that has produced actual therapies and treatments: adult stem cell research. It not only has treated real people with real results; it also does not come with the moral baggage ESCR does.

Well, I doubt that they are admitting defeat, out loud anyway. I must say it is gratifying to see a state-sponsored agency show some good sense.

Three billion dollars flushed away from a state that couldn’t afford to spend $3.00.

That’s what I was thinking. I will admit it’s good that they are getting away from embryonic stem cell research. So :thumbsup: to them for that.

They spent two years arguing where to build the facility.

It’s interesting to see this from Investor’s Business Daily. These are the folks that need to be convinced. The statement was pragmatic. Adult stem cells work now, which nullifies all the lobbying and all the ads about embryonic stem cells. Real people want and need real treatments today, not weeks or even months from now. This is a step forward.

If you look at some of the other high-tech or advanced projects being funded now, such as Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic which will take the wealthy to the edge of space, you begin to realize that money and ideas go together. The marketing hype over embryonic stem cells has been tremendous and I’m sure some will continue work in that field until the money dries up. The thing that puzzles me is how the provable fact that a human embryo is a human being does not seem to affect the consciences of these people. But, from what I’ve read, it appears they believe they are serving some greater good.

May God guide them to the truth.


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