California's Renewable-Energy Focus Risks Power Shortages

Wall St. Journal:

**State’s Renewable-Energy Focus Risks Power Shortages **


California officials are beginning to worry that the state’s focus on transitioning to renewable-energy sources could lead to power shortages in the near term.
The state has been so keen to develop renewables that relatively few conventional power generators, such as gas-fired plants, have been built lately. That risks a possible energy shortfall in certain places if the economy rebounds any time soon.

California’s utilities are barreling ahead to try to meet a state mandate to garner 33% of their power from renewable sources by 2020, and some officials are concerned the effort might push up electricity prices and crimp supplies.

Utilities complain that the ambitious renewable-energy mandates, combined with tougher environmental regulations on conventional plants, are compromising their ability to deliver adequate power. “Conflicting state policies are a problem,” said Stuart Hemphill, senior vice president of procurement at Southern California Edison, a unit of Edison International of Rosemead, Calif.

Okay, lets see if this link provides the whole article:

Will they have Greenouts now instead of Brownouts and Blackouts? :shrug:

They will avoid power shortages by destroying the economic base that needs power to operate.

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