You read right. David Duchovny (formerly of the X-Files) plays a character that decides to have sex with every woman he can. It’s been previewed and some are calling it “great entertainment.” Of course, others claim, all of this is needed for authenticity and honesty. The same lie they sold in 1968 about exposing women’s breasts.

The producers once again talk about “pushing the envelope,” this being a metaphor about getting past some boundary. I’ve finally figured out what they mean. The boundary is Christian morality and that’s what the “envelope” is pushing against. For all those who believe that living in the 21st Century has made everyone somehow wiser, smarter, better (it hasn’t), I suggest you reconsider.

Modern man is no different from the people that lived thousands of years ago. A good power outage, and you’re right back in the past. No electronics and no running water, and modern is out the window. After all the learning and inventing, man now exalts himself, and has now reached the point where porn is television and television is porn. It’s taken 30 years but that’s what was desired since 1968.

Welcome to the rebuilding of Sodom and Gommorah.

My Christian brothers and sisters, pray for Mr. Duchovny, and for everyone in Hollywood who want to promote sin on television.

God bless,

Don’t forget that in the previews he is shown fornicating with a nun.

I think it is supposed to be a dream, but that’s only an excuse to tear down our religion.

What did St. Peter say about our world being destroyed with fire?:ehh:


That says it all.

It’s even advertised in a big o bill board of some city.

I know that they have signs about that in Colorado, the bumper sticker is quite popular there too.

Yuck. Just pure grossness.

That is the ultimate violation of our faith (or at least one of them). I’ll say some extra prayers tonight for an increase of purity in the world, including my own. God knows, we all fail.

We need to pray to Our Lady of America. Her “theme” was to promote purity within America. If you are not aware of her just google it and you will find all the info on her. It has been approved by the bishops from what I read, but I am really not sure what the next step is.:gopray2:

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