Call it terrorism, says father of hero who helped stop stabber at Calif. college


The California college student who stabbed four people last month in a campus spree that ended when he was killed by campus police was described by his roommate as “an extreme Muslim” and carried a manifesto and a photocopy of an ISIS flag – more than enough to convince John Price he was a

                                         This is the first time I've even heard this story :eek:


It seems like he was going down the
path to committing a terrorist attack,
why didn’t the campus police arrest him
BEFORE this tragedy??


Wonder why the other networks have not mentioned it?


“It seems like people way higher up are not taking this as seriously as they should, at best, and, at worst, they are deliberately ignoring what has really happened for political reasons,”



another lone wolf attack which the terrorists have called for.


This is not the first time I have heard about this “Merced” incident; if it was terrorism which I consider it to be, then that was really 2 terrorist incidences in California within weeks. This was the knife incident. It could have been inspired also by recent events in Israel when all of those stabbings were going on. Thank goodness, the knife-man did not kill anyone.

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