Call to be a Deacon?


If married persons would be Priests I’d of considered this. Is being a Deacon my calling then?? I keep hearing in my soul, “Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men!”


A deacon is not the married person’s version of a priest. Their functions are extremely different. Still, it might be your calling. You should contact your diocesan diaconate coordinator to find out more.


We can’t tell you what your vocation is. Have you prayed? Met deacons and talked to them? Done lots of reading? Good luck.


I keep hearing in my soul, “Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men!”

I’m praying now, but my wife thinks I’m crazy! lol

I need to talk to my Priest still.

  1. pray.
  2. talk with your priest.
  3. pray some more.
  4. talk with other deacons what the role actually entails- including the behind-the-scenes stuff you may not be aware of. In addition find out what required to actually become a deacon.
  5. pray a bit more!
  6. If you still feel called to the role then apply.

I wish you well on this journey.


You and your wife have to be on the same page about this, make sure to include her in this process.


I agree. I’ve prayed that if its God’s will, she will see it also. As it is, she does agree that I’m called to be a minister, but just not with the CC unfortunately as she’s an Evangelical struggling with me returning to the Catholic faith. She tells me all the time to start my own church! :))


Good morning. Spend time in prayer and adoration. My pastor explained discernment to me. My summary of that explanation, is to take everything in my life and rank each thing in the order I give majority of my time to. I may learn that I give most my time to work first, family second, then to GOD. In doing this, I can see where I need to throw out the less important things. Thru prayer and realignment, hopefully when I rank again in the future, GOD and His will for me will become most important. So in summary, dont ask GOD for a Yes or No answer. I am still working my own rankings and realignments. I too have been discerning the permanent diaconate since 2008. Peace be with you


Lol, of course starting your own church is far from the right answer. God didn’t call you back to the RCC just to tell you to leave and go somewhere else. The RCC is the best choice for every person.

I agree that more discerning is required on your part and also that your wife has to be 100% behind you in order for you to pursue the deaconite. My husband is a deacon. It has been the best choice we have ever made. We’ve been mightily blessed by saying yes to God. However, sometimes, as in our case we thought about it for some time before it happened and there were roadblocks thrown up as well. But God had a plan and we just kept saying yes. If this is the call in your life, your wife will come to be in agreement with you. Don’t be discouraged with needing to continue to discern and having delays. Just consider these things to be part of God’s bootcamp for the future and keep on praying. :slight_smile:


Looks like were in the same almost boat. I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2007 with what I thought was a calling to be a minister. I then fell away from my church denomination due to theological issues, amongst things.

Now that I’m back in faith and been renewed in the Holy Spirit and the Catholic Church, I feel the calling again.

I really appreciate all these responses.


that is fantastic! pure and simple, follow the course as you may with guidance from the Spirit, He will always guide you true.

But, hey, here’s something I learned that others may not know … the Deaconate is a holy order. So, if you have a young family, might be worth waiting a bit. If you lose your wife through natural separation (death), a deacon is not to remarry. So, that’s why we often see older deacons because if a young deacon were to lose his wife, he’d be vowed to celibacy.

Blessings and best of luck.


Well I’m 46 with only a 10 year old girl. Married 13 years. I feel my time is running out actually. Its now or never I feel.


You are exactly the age I was at when I began the process that led to ordination.


LOL Jeff is right … you’re at the perfect age it seems, there’s a couple years of discernment and then I think 5 years in study? Something like that.

Go Brother Victor!

I’d want to become a deacon just so I could bless folks and stuff, hahahhaaha


Awesome. Could be a heavenly sign for me. Thanks

Nice… I really love preaching and teaching and would love to one day do it at the homily in mass.

I’ve preached a few times in the past when I was with the Assemblies of God church over 13 years ago. Time has gone by too fast.


That is not what being a deacon is primarily about.


I know there’s more. Would you be gracious enough to share some of your duties are as a deacon?


I may have been at fault for that misdirection … I was just commenting on the blessings part.

There is so much more to Holy Orders than I would ever know, I’m just a married guy =)


Deacons are called to a vocation of service. We are the Church’s eyes, hands and hearts to the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, the downtrodden, the forgotten, the elderly, the addicted, the abused, the disconsolate, the feeble, the hapless, the miserable, the unfortunate, the unhappy, the wretched . . . those who Christ referred to as אוּמלָל


Liturgical service is important but it is not what our vocation is primarily intended to be.

Deacons serve in hospitals, rest homes, prisons, as nullity advocates, at soup kitchens and pantries, in crisis centers, clinics, and second hand stores (i.e. StVDP). Generally in those places from which “respectable people” stay away.

Some deacons serve in catechetical ministries, or administrative positions, the possibilities are limited only by where there is need.

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