Call to be a Deacon?


Wow, my heart jumped when I read this. Yes, I feel a heart to serve such as from your description. I’ve ministered to as such before.

Let God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven! :))



Check out this title when you get a chance. My deacon friends tell me to “remain open” to discerning the call as well as “remain open” if my call is to a different ministry. Stay in touch. Peace be with you


Nullity advocate ? Please explain and thank you


Assisting divorced Catholics in obtaining a decree of nullity (annulments, uggghhhhhh, I hate that word) before the diocese tribunals.


Thought maybe that’s what it meant but wanted to be certain. Hope all are well. Peace be with you


That can be tough. Are you full time deacon, or have to work secular job also?


Keep in mind that a deacon doesn’t necessarily choose the ministry they’ll serve in. The Bishop does.

You could end up in a thankless job at a parish.



Full time secular attorney.


We aren’t in it for thanks, and parish ministry can be and generally is quite satisfying


This is a big investment in time- not just during the formation processes but there after. You really have to have the motivation for this ministry. Are you serving as a reader or EM or usher now? Getting more involved for several months, make sure you are up to it.


This is offensive, and directly contradicts church teaching about the other two dozen churches in full communion with Rome.



Beautiful description.


Do you seriously think I’d be leaving out the other churches in communion with Rome? We are all part of the same family. My comment was in no way intended to be divisive nor to cause distress. I’m sorry you took it that way.


It might be a thankless job in the eyes of the world, so it’s a good thing that what the world thinks doesn’t matter. :smile:


Regardless of intent, that is exactly what you did; “RCC” explicitly does not include the other churches in communion with it.



Man, I have lots to learn still. Forgive my lack of knowledge but can somebody explain this?

I thought the Roman Catholic Church was the only church Christ founded with St. Peter as the Rock. Even his bones are in Rome. What other churches are in communion with Rome?


The Eastern Catholic Churches


Can you elaborate what or where these are? I really wish now I would of went to a Catholic University and Seminary.


Ok, did a quick wikipedia read on the Eastern CC. Priest can marry! Maybe I need to find one of these in my area! lol :))


The Eastern Catholic Churches are not ‘experimental’ or ‘provisional’ communities; these are sui iuris Churches; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, with the firm canonical base of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches promulgated by Pope John Paul II."

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